Amir, A Mirror: A New Story for Children

May 2, 2008
By Andrew Sturtz, Traverse City, MI

As a young child, Amir stood in the hands of millions as a hand mirror. Amir, a mirror, was always a perfect reflective surface for the millions that yearned for an image of themselves. This is his story...

One day long ago, in the civilization known as India, there was a mirror, Amir. Amir, a mirror, was responsible for showing the reflections of so many people that lived in India.

Amir, a mirror, was not the happiest of mirrors. Amidst a mist of people, Amir, a mirror, seemed to be the saddest of mirrors. He always showed people who they are, but was never able to see who he really was. He was sad.

One day he saw a handsome human being holding a hand mirror. What Amir, a mirror, saw was thousands and maybe even millions of mirrors reflecting back at him. He couldn't tell which mirror Amir, a mirror, was.

Amir, a mirror, works up the courage to jump off the wall he had been placed on so many years ago. Amir's cat, a meerkat, came over to Amir, a mirror, and was ready to go on a walk on the streets of India. Amir, a mirror, needed to find out just what kind of mirror Amir, a mirror, was.

Amir, a mirror, whistled for a cab...
The cab didn't pick up stray mirrors.

Amir, a mirror, whistled for a magic carpet...
Even a magic carpet wouldn't pick him up.

Amir, a mirror, began to walk. With every thunderously reflective footstep, he came closer to finding the truth about himself and the millions of mirrors in the world of India.

Amir's cat, a meerkat, told of a reflection pool larger than any mirror Amir, a mirror, had ever seen. It was at the Taj Mahal, he had to go there.

When Amir, a mirror, arrived at the mirror pool, Amir, a mirror, was awed by the size of the mirror pool. When compared to this mirror, Amir, a mirror, was a mere mirror in comparison to the mirror pool.

Amir, a mirror, talked to the great wise mirror pool. Amir, a mirror, asked what he was. The mirror pool told Amir, a mirror, and Amir's cat, a meerkat, that he is a mirror, and Amir, a mirror, should be proud of that.

Amir, a mirror, realized that was very true. Amir, a mirror, was proud of who he was. Amir, a mirror, and Amir's cat, a meerkat, went home and gladly showed every handsome human being their reflection, and who they really were.

Amir, a mirror, was finally happy.

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cpayne BRONZE said...
on Jan. 13 2010 at 10:31 pm
cpayne BRONZE, Kalkaska, Michigan
2 articles 1 photo 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
It's never too late.

Incredible! This blows my mind! A masterful work of literature!

Echo said...
on Aug. 6 2008 at 12:26 pm
Clever use of "reflective words!"

rintala1 said...
on Aug. 6 2008 at 12:35 am
This is the best story for children that I have ever read. I sure hope you keep writing! :)

remarsh said...
on Aug. 5 2008 at 5:24 am
Loved it.

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