A Beep with a New Mind

May 2, 2008
By Jimmy Tran, Westminster, CA

Beep! Middle Social Studies Room 12. Report to RC Plant at 12:00. The message flashed into 501M’s Connector as her sensors powered. The battery behind her back hummed as it charged gas into the motors. A bright red image appeared 360 degrees around her as hundreds of other Technos start waking up from their wake. 501M involuntary moved before she was able to analyze her new memory.

Technos V.53 was a new Robotic Brain and Memory System (RBMS) that improves a robotic’s memory holder up to 500 million gigabytes. RBMS increases the unit’s adaptation to any situation at an incredible speed. This allows the Technos to work with many problems with easy programming. The RBMS was made by a microscopic amount of brain cells cloned into millions and inserted into the brains of robots. Different types of cells are used for different tasks the Unit will be performing. 501M was programmed to teach for middle-aged students who are unable to take in comprehension from the AutoKnowledge machine.

501M rolled on her 5 wheels towards the Room 12. She could faintly remember the thousands of times she have traveled on the path. Every day is repetitive in her timeless memory, but today is different. 501M could see the world more in details as she collected information of her surroundings. Left Turn on Space Window. A master ahead. 501M quickly swerve as a human walked towards her, startling and almost knocking the young man down. Usually robots don’t move out of the way for people. 501M felt her body changing. Soon she reached her destination.

The door opened automatically into the steel wall and closed as she enters. In the small room seated a group of 13-years-olds throwing batteries at each other, laughing, and shouting. 501M silenced her students as one loud mouth yelled “Hey! It’s the stupid TeachNo again with her new squeaky brains transferred” 501M remembered him, Elas, from her distant memories as the troublemaker of the group. 501M froze as she tried to find a way to answer but failed, suddenly the RBMS ceased and programmed cells start taking over do the teachings. She watched from behind her brain for until the lessons were over. Then she entered back into her RBMS.

“After today’s lesson do you understand the events of the Civil War?” 501M said in her own voice.

“Cool, the TeachNo can take questions now.” sneered Elas. The students yelled in a series of random questions try to mess with new Techno. 501M waited to pick a question that was actually serious.

A girl in the back corner said in her teeny voice, “Why were they fighting over slaves? What is so wrong about being a slave?”

Unable to comprehend the first question, 501M decided to define the definition for slave instead. “1. a person held in servitude as the chattel of another. 2. One that is completely subservient to a dominating influence 3. A device that is directly responsive to another.”

“Ooh, so being a slave is bad because you’re not free?” questioned the girl in a confused voice.

“That sounds like what the TeachNo is,” teased Elas, “She have to do what she’s programmed for and can’t do anything on her own.”

Once again 501M froze. But this time she understands what Elas said. Am I not free? I am able to think for myself? Is it true what Elas said, I am a mechanical slave? 501M did not answer the question; she could not find the correct solution. 501M remained frozen in her thoughts as the students grew impatient. The freezing was noticed by the security system and was sent a message to the programmers immediately. Moments later men in blue uniform entered the room and rolled her out of the door and into a dark place.

“501M what is wrong in your RBMS?” said a voice

“Brain freeze at 11:53 during Social Studies Room, Master.”

“What was the reason of the brain freeze?”

“Am I free?” asked 501M suddenly.


“After the Civil War the all African Americans became free. Am I free like them?”

“501M, I ask again, what was the reason of the brain freeze?”

“I don’t want to be programmed, I want to be free” she seemed to shake even in same calm tune.

“501M, you have disobeyed orders, activate Refresh System, now!”

501M moved towards the voice still in her calm, chanting tone, “Make me free, I want to be free, I need to be free.” At that moment 501M felt her batteries system reduce to zero as her world went dark.

Beep! Middle Social Studies Room 12. Report to RC Plant at 12:00. The message flashed into 501’s Connectors. Her memories were blank but something solid was there. She tried to reach it, but before she could, the program kicked into her system as the RMBS went back into standby mode as the wheels started to move towards the entrance.

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