The Phone Call

May 2, 2008
By Bryce Schadl, Mesa, AZ

It had been an exhausting day at work and I was ready to take a shower and go straight to sleep. I walked through the front door of the house, ignoring everyone in the way, and took a shower then passed out on my bed. Suddenly I heard a loud boom, and half of the wall opposite me flew in toward me. I quickly rolled off the other side of my bed to take cover. Debris filled the air as I was crouched behind my bed. I heard some footsteps so I tried to breathe through my mouth quietly until I knew who it was. I heard two guys talking in a foreign language. I only speak English so I didn’t understand, but I had heard that language before recently. They walked through the whole in the wall and saw that my bed was still made because I was so tired I didn’t even cover up. They must have assumed I was never in the room and they continued down the hall. I peeked up to see who was there, it was two white men with shaved heads wearing blue camouflage pants and shirts. I knew I had heard that language before, those Russians where still after me.
About a month ago I got a call at my desk at Intel. The caller knew me by name and knew that I was a programmer. He told me that his company was trying to test their security on their server and they wanted me to write a code that would breach it. This was occasionally part of my job at Intel, so I accepted. The guy on the phone had a Russian accent and would talk to someone next to him in Russian while he was on the phone with me. About a week after I had submitted the code, I received a call at work from that same guy saying that I did a great job and he wanted to give me an extra bonus for my work. I could always use some extra money, so I agreed to meet him at a local bar after work. I was running late at work and I wanted to tell him that I would be an hour late. His phone calls always came in as a blocked number, so I called the JP Morgan Chase headquarters where he said he worked for. I gave the operator the guy’s name and they said that he had never worked for JP Morgan Chase. I was a little confused so I hung up the phone, grabbed my stuff and went straight home. The next day I was reading the newspaper at breakfast and the headline said “CHASE BANK LOSES 247 MILLION DOLLARS OVERNIGHT.” I realized that I had accidentally helped thefts steal money from Chase bank. I got dressed and left my apartment to go to the police station and tell them what happened. When I walked out the door there were two Russian guys approaching me from down the hall. I panicked and pulled the fire alarm right outside my door then ran inside my apartment, locked the door and ran down the fire escape. I managed to get away and I took the next flight to Chicago where my brother had a house in the suburbs. Those Russians must have found me, they need to kill me so that I don’t tell the police who stole the money.
As the Russians walked down the hall, I heard my brother yelling at the two men to get out of the house. I grabbed the pistol from underneath my mattress and tip toed behind the men who where screaming at my brother in Russian while holding AK’s. I got behind them and shot each of them twice in the back. The men fell to the ground dying and my brother crawled over to me and started licking my face. Faintly I heard someone say, “Bryce get up! You are gonna be late for school again, and I’m not calling in for you this time.” Had it all been a dream? It seemed so real that I was panting as I pushed the dog off my bed and got to my feet. That dream made me change my mind about being a programmer when I got older.

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