Annihilated Romance

May 1, 2008
By Brianna Martinsen, Rocky Point, NY

There, behind the rising lemon itself, laid the threadlike wisps of cotton clouds, their undersides hinted with fluorescent tickled pink. The dark navy blues ran like fluid into the crisp grays. The sun had been surrounded with a halo of hallowed out crimsons and a slender hoops of baby blues. The tender purples discreetly laced through each layer of shaded sky. The canvas-like sky faded subtly into where the ocean kissed the sky line. The salty air tenderly nipped at their exposed skin as they laid in the grains of coarse yet comforting shore.

The sunrise couldn’t compare to her impeccable beauty, he had thought. The indistinguishable scent of her strawberry shampoo was always his favorite scent. Her pale yet striking skin seemed to sparkle like glitter strewn across lacey Valentine’s cards as the sun’s first rays grazed over it. Her dazzling smile grew as he knowingly toyed with the silver ring that occupied her slender finger. He had gently clasped onto her body, brought her closer to him still. Anyone with eyes could have been able to tell that love obviously wasn’t a fairytale for either one of them any longer. Their puzzle piece hands fixed together, intertwined like vines. He smiled as she inattentively fumbled with the hems of his favorite black and white sweatshirt that enclosed the first half of her beautiful body.. He could almost hear the raging rush of her heartbeat as he whispered a sincere, ‘I love you’.

Her pale unresponsive frame was trapped within the forever-lasting imprisonments of blackness as the rain tauntingly pattered down. Her pulse shouldn’t have reached a limit. Her strawberry scented hair laid against her pastel skin and her lifeless eyes forever star-less. He tightly gripped an inky umbrella in one steady hand and absentmindedly rolled the silver ring between his wet fingers in the other. His departed eyes fixed upon nothing but the midnight black coffin which had begun to seep into the ground, seconds away from being hidden from view. One word shot like a lethal bullet through his train-wrecked mind and leaked into his veins, spreading like a hazardous plague, just like the bullet who stole away his lover’s life.


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This article has 2 comments.

on Sep. 15 2008 at 10:25 pm
your discriptive word choice is really good. watch out how many times you use the word sky in the first paragraph though. and the transition between the beach and the funeral was a little rough. good work. bravo.

on Sep. 14 2008 at 8:42 pm
AMAZING. i have no other words. the description was vivid without being overwhelming, and the third paragraph was a surprise. I was hooked. I'm really impressed.

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