The Dream

May 1, 2008
By Jordan Simons Simons, Columbus, MT

There he was dribbling down the court clocks ticking sweat dripping all he could think about was that this was his only chance to be a star. He will never forget what happened last time when the team needed him the most and he was nowhere to be seen. But that won’t happen he tells himself not after all those 2 a days and suicides he had to do to get back on the team. He knows it's his time to rise up, his chance to shine. He looks in the crowed he sees his brother sitting there. He knows what he thinks of him. A hero just like he thought of his older brother until that one day. The day he and his brother were going to hang out but he never showed up. He disappeared not just for that one day the rest of his life.

He keeps telling himself to put it behind him but he can’t. He tears up. He uses that anger on the court he looks at the clock he’s got to score now there down 1. The coach his saying “take the guy he can’t move”. He did just that he jab stepped left the defender went with him then jab stepped right. He had a step on so he drove to the basket. One of the other defenders stepped in to take charge. At the last second he spun around him and laid it in to win it. The buzzer goes off crowed goes wield he stands there in disbelief. His teammates start hugging him hand telling him we did it. He tells himself he will never forget this moment this moment in heaven.

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on Sep. 12 2008 at 8:24 pm
This is a good idea, but PLEASE proofread. The grammar here is not good. Also, every description is cliche. You've got potential, it just needs work.

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