Riverview High

May 1, 2008
By Joey Aguirre, Keosauqua, IA

By day, Riverview High was as busy as Midtown Manhattan during rush hour, after the final bell rang, the students and teachers would drift out the door and into the weekend. Around seven-thirty, the school was dark and empty. Only two people remained in the three story building.

Jillian June was president of the Drama Club, an A+ student, and editor of the school newspaper. She was working hard to get this weeks’ edition on the presses and ready for the beginning of next week. Ok, only one more article to edit, she thought as she grabbed the final story from her desk. As she slumped down in her chair, she started to read.

On other end of the school building, Steve Williams, the lone janitor working this night was sweeping up the art room which still smelt like the paint he was sweeping up. Couldn’t these punk kids maybe not be so messy, he thought as he walked towards the teacher’s desk in the corner of the room. All of a sudden… the lights flicker. What is going on? The lights continued to flicker. Then a type of music was heard over the loud speaker.

“Dead, you are the one, exterminating the sun, I’m slipping through the tree’s, grabbing you by the knees.”

“AHHH!!!!!!!!!” Steve Williams shouted as he ran out of the classroom, dodging desks and heading towards the front doors of the High School.

“What the…” Jillian June said as she set the article she was reading down and headed out the office door and looked down the hallway and noticed Steve Williams running down the hallway. “Steve, you look like you just saw a ghost, what is wrong?” She scampered down the hallway still thinking about what just happened. As she reached Steve, he was out of breath and sitting down on the wooden bench next to the art displays.

“I, I, I saw it, the old wise tale was true. It happened, just as they said it would. The music, the words, the lights… It was all there, happening right in front of me.” Steve Williams said as his hands started to shake.
What is gong on in this school? All these questions floated through Jillian’s mind. “Come on Mr. Williams, let’s go to the teachers lounge and find you something to drink.”

As they headed into the lounge, the lamp sitting next to the coffee maker started to shake, the lights flickered, and that song that haunted Steve Williams began to play again over the loud speaker. “What is going on?” Jillian asked Steve as she opened up the refrigerator to grab a pitcher of ice water.

“It’s back… That song!” Steve said as he grabbed the side of the chair. The music continued on; over and over the words kept haunting Steve and confusing Jillian. Is that music coming from the office? Jillian thought as she handed Steve another glass of water.
“Come on Steve; let’s go find where this music is coming from.” They walked, all around the office they searched and searched, praying they would find the source of the music.

Once again, the lights flickered and the speaker resounded. This time there was no music, just a deep voice speaking; “Those who continue to look for me will find me soon.” And immediately the speaker stopped but the same music continued to play.

As they approached the copy room towards the southern most part of the office, the room went completely black. The music stopped playing, and all you could hear was the echo of Jillian’s scream and the deep breaths of Steve Williams. All of a sudden, footsteps began to fill the room. They were coming from all angles; every direction seemed to fill with the loud sounds of somebody walking towards them. The sounds gradually became louder, Jillian’s screams became louder, and Steve Williams breathed deeper. “Jillian! Hide!” Steve yelled as he feared something bad was about to happen.

The door creaked open, and silence filled the room. Jillian could hear the footsteps coming closer to her. “Hello?” she said as she grabbed a stapler near her and got ready to hit anything that she saw. That voice kept repeating the same sentence over and over.

“Jillian, come on out… It’s ok” She did not move.

“That voice, it sounds so familiar. Who would be doing this?” She said in a soft voice. All of a sudden… BAM!!! Steve Williams had just attempted to jump the mystery man. Jillian heard the two men tussling just outside their door.

“I got him!” Steve Williams yelled in a triumphant voice. “Jillian, come on out it is ok.” He said as she peered out of the small copy room. A loud gasp filled the room, Jillian knew who it was. It was a classmate who she recently told, he could not be apart of the school newspaper. Knocked out cold, he was just lying if front of the desk sprawled out as Jillian stood next to him in disbelief.

“Oh my god…I can not believe it is him. I told him yesterday that we did not need him on the staff and that if he kept showing up here that I was going to be notifying the office.” Jillian felt terrible.

The office once again become quiet, the police men gathered their things and went back out to their police cars to continue their usual routines, and the ambulance loaded the unconscious teenager into the vehicle, Jillian walked home still in disarray. Wow, I didn’t know that he would take it so seriously. God…I hope he is ok. Jillian thought.
“Jillian, wake up! You are going to be late for school!” Her mother said.
Wow, it was all a dream, just a weird dream.

At school that day, Jillian ran into Steve Williams during lunch like she has always done. This time, they turned to each other and said…

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