The Tragedy of Romi and Julia

April 30, 2008
By Anthony Davis, Independence, KS

Long ago in the countryside of Mulan, there was an ancient family who was named Tegoo. In this family there was a young man that was in love with this pretty young woman, but she didn’t know it. Lord Tegoo and his son Romi, were generous people. Lord Tegoo would help anyone with their needs, for example last week he assisted Darcutio with his farm. Romi would give up his time daily to address the village about the wonders of sharing and giving. Romi always had a speech to present to Lord Pewlet every week.

Now, we need to get to now Lord Pewlet and his daughter. The House of Pewlet consisted of Julia, the pretty young woman previously mentioned, and her father. Lord Pewlet had an enormous mansion complemented with a large swimming pool with a waterfall and indoor tennis courts. The Pewlets lived in a very material world. Lord Pewlet ran a village in Mulan. He was not a good leader, he did everything for his gain and not anything for his people. Unfortunately, Julia was like her father.

One Afternoon, when Romi was giving a speech to Lord Pewlet about being grateful and humble, Julia quietly snuck into the room. She knew about this boy always lecturing her father but she didn’t know anything about him…she didn’t know that he liked her.

“Hold on a second,” interrupted Julia, “are you criticizing my father?”

“I am simply instructing him of my ways so he can get to know my father, Lord Tegoo, and I better”, exclaimed Romi.

Julia quickly walked out of the room.

“I have heard enough for one day, you will leave my palace now, peasant.” , remarked Lord Pewlet.

“I will go.”, said Romi sadly.

On his way out of the palace, Julia gave him a folded piece of parchment. Romi could see scribbling on it; she must’ve written it in a hurry.

“Read it when you get home in private.”, she whispered.

When Romi walked into his house he greeted his father and then quickly set off into his bedroom. He opened the note and it read as follows:

I like you. I’ve never seen someone stand up to my father like the

Way you have. My father despises peasants. I am forbidden to

Love anyone who is not rich. If my father catches me even talking

To you, I will be disowned and be forced to live on the streets!

Meet me at the village park at midnight tonight, I want to talk to



Julia Pewlet

Romi later snuck out of the house at 11:45. He liked Julia because he had noticed her before when he was giving her father a speech. He believed that she was a kind girl unlike her father.

Arriving at the village park, Romi saw Julia standing on the bridge that ran over River Mulan. The raging waters of the river below and the moonlight shining down upon them made a romantic scene.

They both looked at each other deep into one another’s eyes for a long while and then, in unison, they said ’I love you’ to each other.

Suddenly, a mysterious figure approaches them coming out from behind a tree.

“Julia, I am ashamed of your actions! You will be disowned!”, proclaimed John, the Pewlets most trusted servant.

“No! It’s not what you think John.”, replied Julia. She had to escape, she tried to run but slipped on a rock. Her ankle twisted and, with full force, she slammed her back onto the bridge railing and shot herself over into the raging waters.

“You! Don’t tell anyone about this”, said the servant urgently, and he ran away towards Pewlet Palace.

For the rest of his life, Romi kept this terrible secret inside of him. It haunted him until his death.

Lord Pewlet simply thought that his servant John had disowned Julia because she was caught with a peasant. Lord Pewlet knew that John did the right thing in banishing Julia from her home. She knew that if she didn’t listen to her father that it would have to end this way.

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