The Guardian

April 30, 2008
By Morgan Butler, Phoenix, AZ

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do anything to get it? My name is Amber and I have, I have always wanted a human. That may seem kind of weird to you but you see I am a fairy, part of the Guardian Clan. What we do is we look for humans that have done or will do something great, like save some one’s life or, is just a good person that needs protection. When we find a person who has done something remarkable, our leader picks one of us to be their Guardian!
The leader of our clan is Rose but to me she’s just ‘Grandmother’. So as you probably guessed a lot of people expect great things from me, and it’s not as easy as it seems.
In my family there is my mother, my grandmother, and I. My father died when I was very young. He and my mom were very close. He died from Fairy Pox. Fairy Pox is a deadly disease that kills fairies.
That started like any ordinary day. I got up, cleaned my wings, did my chores, and went to Guardian School. I was a senior at GFU, a.k.a. Guardian Fairy University. GFU is where we get our Guardian Licenses so we can protect humans. The year was almost over and we would soon be getting our licenses and our humans. As a little inside joke at GFU we call them our ‘peeps’.
Once we get our peeps, we live with them until they pass away and then we settle down and have young fairies of our own. Some lucky fairies who have done exceptionally well would even get a second peep.
Well, back to my story, as I was on my way to school my leaf phone began to ring. When I answered it was my grandmother she said I needed to come down to Tree Hall right away. As soon I she hung up, I sped down to Tree Hall at top speed. When I got there I saw my mother, who now is starting her training to become leader, waiting to take me to the Assignment Room.
“The Assignment Room!?” I said with excitement.
“Yes,” she spoke with a mysterious glint in her eyes.
“But I haven’t even gotten my license yet!” I exclaimed.
“Some people can graduate early,” she said with a smile, “Don’t worry I have already spoken with your professors. And I know you will a fine job, this is going to be a good one,” She said with a wink. “I can tell.” I knew she was referring to the human I would soon be protecting.
When I got there, Grandmother was looking at The Orb of Knowing. The Orb of Knowing or T.O.K. shows when there is a person needing protection and then it shows who should be the protector.
I caught a glimpse of the person in the orb, it was me. Then it flashed and I saw a small boy staring back at me. I could feel the excitement rush through me. As I looked into his big innocent eyes, and I could tell what kind of person this young boy would grow up into.
Grandmother came over and whispered in my ear, “This is the grand son of the boy I took care of. You are a very lucky fairy. He will accomplish great things in his life with you there.”
“I hope so,” I was sure I sounded nervous. I had I lot to live up to.
“Well you better get ready to go” Mother said, “We leave at sunset.”
With that said I raced home to get ready. I really didn’t take much just some of my own, special, possessions.
When the sun started to set everyone was outside waiting to bid me a due. When I flew outside just about every fairy in the village come out to wish me good luck.
As soon as I got though the crowd I saw my best friend, Mara, my Mom, and my Grandmother. It was custom for your closest relations to see you to your new home.
After we greeted each other, Grandmother filled me in about my peep. His name was Archie Smith and he was nine years old.
Once we were out of the city walls, we were traveling farther and farther away from the only home I had ever known. Soon we were out of the forest and close to the houses where the peeps dwell. After traveling for a couple of hours I looked down. I saw a yellow-cream painted house with red shudders, and a quaint little stone pathway leading up to the house. I felt like it was calling to me. So I swooped down to investigate.
It was dark now and all four of us were glowing bright yellow, like all fairies do at night. I looked through an open window and saw that little boy. He was curled up asleep and venerable.
As I looked around the room I saw a sailboat on a shelf above his bed. A computer on a desk made of oak wood. There were clothes and toys strewn all around the room On the sill of the window I was looking in, was a yellow yo-yo. I could tell that he might be a handful.
A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?”
I turned around and saw Mara looking around the room.
“Yes Mara that’s him,” I whispered breathlessly.
“Oh you are soooo lucky. I want a peep as cute as he is,” whispered Mara in a whiney voice.
I was about to ask what I do now when I saw Archie stir.
“You don’t have much time, he will wake soon.” As grandmother spoke I nodded. “This is where we must leave you; I know you will do a great job.” I saw a tear roll down her face.
After a gloomy good-bye they left. I sat cross-legged leaning against the yellow yo-yo, waiting for Archie Smith to wake.
The started to rise I was dozing off when he roused again. Then he bolted up and looked around. I tried to stay hidden because I didn’t know how to explain myself to him.
I was hiding behind a big yo-yo on the widow sill when all of a sudden it was high above my head and I saw Archie’s big brown eyes staring back at me.
“Umm, hi” I said nervously.
“W-w-what are you?” he stammered.
“I’m your, ah, Guardian Fairy, kind of like a Guardian Angel I guess but ah, not an Angel…a fairy.” I tried to explain.
“Ok, what’s your name?” he said no longer scared, but eager
“It’s Amber.”
“I like that name. Mine’s Archie, Archie Smith.”
“Yes, I know”
“How?” he asked looking confused.
I then took that moment to explain to him what I was and my job.
“So, you mean like I am special?”
“Oh, ok” That was the good thing about kids, they were easier than adults to except what we were. So, after that we started to ask each other questions, trying to get to know each other better.
“What’s your favorite color?” I would ask.
“Umm, Blue. What is your favorite color?” He would say
“Yellow” and it went on like that for some time when suddenly a voice yelled up to Archie.
“Archie! Time for breakfast!”
The voice made me jump. I saw Archie racing out of his room and down the stairs. Slowly and cautiously I followed.
When I got down I was in a cute little living room. There was a man reading the newspaper, I think that was Archie’s father. I saw a woman in the kitchen making something that smelled delicious, it was Archie’s mother. And sitting on the floor next to the couch was a strange animal I did not recognize. It had pitch-black fur and was in a deep sleep. It had four legs and had a long curly tail, and it had two floppy ears. Staying out of sight I slowly floated over to Archie,
“What’s that?” I asked gesturing toward the black fuzzy critter.
“Oh,” he whispered, “that’s my dog, Magic, don’t worry she won’t hurt you.”
Oh so the cute, fuzzy, critter was a dog. I had herd rumors about them from other fairies but they described them as evil, creatures that try to eat you. But this dog seemed almost stupid. But, maybe it was only some dogs that were evil.
The rest of the day was calm and fun. Archie and me played games and he told me more about himself. And it would continue like that for the next nine years, then the real adventure would begin!

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