You Never Know

April 30, 2008
It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. There was this teenager at my school named Vincent Mcgomermier who was always picked on. With a name like that, it was no surprise. It also didn’t help that he was the town’s resident genius. He didn’t speak a lot, he left his reports and essays he wrote to speak for him. Just the same, he had to be picked on. My friends and I had the greatest idea; we could fake an alien abduction and scare “Vince” out of his pants.

We set up on the edge of town. Thankfully my dad owns a hardware store because for the prank to work we would need about 3 dozen neon and black lights. We persuaded Vincent to come, thinking that it was a star gazing party. When he got settled in with his telescope the party began.
One of my friends controlled our neon dome right above Vincent and we made alien-like faces appear around him. Vincent predictably ran away screaming. As we put the ship away we almost fell down laughing, it was hilarious! During our third laughing fit we suddenly heard a sound I could have sworn was a 747. One by one we looked up and saw an enormous UFO right above us. It was the size of a house! We stared speechless until we slowly began rising up, right into the belly of the ship. When we got inside of the ship I saw the last person that I would think to see, Vincent. He smiled devilishly at us and started to change. He grew to about 9 feet and turned black and silver. Somewhere in the back of my head I realized that he looked like a Predator. “But Predators aren’t real, they’re fake, right?” That question was the last thing I remember.
When I woke up I felt different. It then dawned on me that I had no heartbeat. My vision had improved as well. Just as I got my bearings something attacked me, a needle. I blacked out after that. Now every day at what I think is noon a needle injects something into me. When I wake up I feel less and less human I now have an armored skin and 6 inch claws. Today Vincent came in and told me that I have only one more injection till I am finished. I became very worried and then felt a familiar jab in my arm. As I grow more tired by the second I only have one thing to say, you never know what to believe.

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