Beauty Over Soul

April 30, 2008

I saw them stand from their table and start walking towards me. I thought there must be someone behind me they though was worthy enough to be in their presence; however, they both sat down in the two chairs across from me. This didn’t need to happen; this couldn’t happen. I made sure people would say away from me when I came here. I couldn’t have any friends because it’s too much of a risk for them.

I dyed my fire-red hair (which I loved naturally) to a stingy black, I rung my eyes like a raccoon (which I hated), and I wore the baggiest clothing possible (totally not flattering). I hated my image, so I knew other people would stay away. This plan obviously didn’t work because these girls are in front of me.

They sat in silence, and I studied their features. They were both beautiful. The one on the right has blond, curly hair, a Californian complexion, and has big-blue eyes. The girl on the left was the polar opposite; she has board-straight naturally black hair, a pale complexion (almost as pale as mine), and exotic green eyes.

The blond opened her mouth and spoke, “ Hi I’m Natasha. This is Kendra. I just wanted to ask what you do to make your complexion so nice.” I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly. She smirked and lowered her voice to merely a whisper, “ We know your secret.”

My eyes widened for a fraction of a second, but I immediately changed that to a poker face. “ I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Her eyes narrowed to slits as she said, “You found a way to preserve your face. I even think you found a way to enhance it.” I leaned forward, giving up, and decided to try a different route. “ This life may look glamorous, but it’s also hell. Just think, knowing you’ll never be allowed into Heaven. You have to stay away from everyone; you have to leave your family. I can hear both pulses running through your necks. You’ll never be able to have someone to love.”

I felt my mood go noticeably down as I talked about this. They smiled, and Kendra spoke, “ So, why hide? There’s got to be more of you. Why not let the humans know?” I laughed.

“ Remember the witch trials? There were plenty of witches, but the humans still found a way to kill them off!” Kendra rolled her eyes, “ Why don’t you take us along? Show us a day in the life of you? Show us how horrid it is.” I smirked; this should be fun. I could show them things worse than they could imagine.

“ Sure, meet me tonight at sundown at the old cemetery on June Street.” I heard Natasha’s pulse quicken. “ Don’t get too worked up Natasha. You might make your heart stop.” She gulped. I smiled (letting my fangs unfold), stood up, and walked away.


Kendra and I crept along the road, jumping at any sound. The cemetery came into view; I saw a shadow sitting atop a gravestone. We got closer, and the shadow jumped off the stone, blurring until it was in front of us. Scarlet was smiling as she asked, “Scared?” I gulped, swallowing my fears. “ Nope,” I answered, but my voice broke.

She turned without a word, obviously expecting us to follow her. Maybe I should have told someone where I’d be. She turned, stating, “ I’m not going to bring any harm to you two. You’re type O. I only drink O negative.”

She. Could. Read. My. Thoughts. “ Yes I can, Natasha. I know why you want this. You want to be more beautiful. Problem is, you wouldn’t be around people to show it to.” I glared and said, “ You don’t look very beautiful.” She smiled and snapped her fingers. Suddenly, the black dye, makeup, and clothes were gone. She was wearing a crimson dress with jeweled accents.

She raised an eyebrow. I felt my jaw hanging open, but I closed it. I wouldn't take back what I said. This is going to be a very long night.


It felt so good to have my normal clothing on again. I asked, “ So, you ready to see a kill?” Kendra definitely wanted to go home, but Natasha definitely wouldn’t let her. I walked down the street; they were following. Little did they know I did drink Type O. I was going to change them, so they'd leave me the heck alone. I came to an alley wedged between a restaurant and a small store. I walked into it, amazed at how stupid they were.

I strolled to the brick wall in the back; they stood against the wall. I then came to face them, blocking their way out. I smiled again as my mouth was watering.


Her eyes were gleaming a crimson red. She smiled, and I screamed as she lurched at us. She grabbed both of us by unbelievable strength. She whispered, “ Thanks for being stupid.” Then, she sank her teeth into my neck. She’s going to kill me! I vaguely heard screaming (not registering that it was my own), and soon I felt dizzy. Right before the last drop was gone (don’t ask how I knew), she threw my to the ground beside her. I felt crunching, and heard it. I cried out meekly in pain. I barely noticed when Kendra was dropped beside me. I could feel Scarlet’s watchful eyes on us as we writhed in pain. I don’t know how long the screaming and crunching lasted, but it did stop. I opened my eyes slowly; I could see better than ever, and far off a man was laughing. The sun was crawling up the horizon.

Scarlet jumped off a dumpster, staring at us the whole time. She smirked and said, “ There, happy? Now leave me alone.” With that statement, she turned and sauntered down the alley. Then, she walked out into the horizon, and soon she was out of sight. It’s been fifty years since that happened, and neither Kendra nor I have ever seen or heard from her since.

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