The Bird Feather Huts

May 22, 2012
By HeatherChafe BRONZE, Randolph, Massachusetts
HeatherChafe BRONZE, Randolph, Massachusetts
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This is the story of the Bird Feather Huts. Where two girls embarked on a journey that would alter their lives forever.

Dear Journal,


Alice and I hung out today. We took a walk to the new park the town was building. Why the town thought building a new park would be beneficial to the town, I haven’t a clue. I guess maybe they thought on hot summer days families would come out with baskets full of food and sit in the giant gazebo and have a nice picnic. Maybe they thought someone would make extra food and share it with the other families. There would be warm soft brownies and delicious sweet lemonade. Maybe they thought it would bring everyone together, or maybe they weren’t thinking at all. After all, the town was spending money in the wrong places for things we didn’t even necessarily need. The schools needed that money for new books, and computers. For new teachers so there wouldn’t be 20 plus students crammed in one tiny classroom with no AC to keep cool in the summer and no heating to keep warm in the winter. But oh well, the money was already spent and there was no way of getting it back.
Anyway, the park wasn’t even half built. There was the giant gazebo stationed right in the center of it all. Off to the right was a small playground area that only had the slide built so far and there were a bunch of wood chipped paths leading around giant fields, but other than that, nothing. Since there weren’t many other things to do Alice and I decided to explore. The fields weren’t cut so the grass was still knee high, but we didn’t care. As we were crossing one of the fields Alice and I noticed what appeared to be a pond. We were making our way over to the pond when Alice noticed them. “Look Suzzy! Over there! Do you see it?!” She exclaimed. Standing there hidden behind trees, tall grass, and bushes, we saw two old beat down huts. “Wanna go check them out?” I asked. “Let’s do it.” Alice replied.
We hopped the little brown fence in front of us and made our way over to the little huts. There was already what appeared to be a path leading through the shrub to the huts, so we assumed there had either been someone who recently visited this place or someone had once lived in these huts not too long ago…

Dear Journal,


…Suzzy and I went into the huts. They were creepy but also normal. The first hut, the long one on the left hand side, had an open window which I climbed into. Suzzy decided to stay outside. Inside the hut, directly in front of the window I just climbed through, were two soccer net bases. I ducked under the bases and stood in the middle of the hut. In the bottom right corner was a really old rusty furnace. Underneath my feet and spread across the whole floor where these metal rings. Lined up on the top left corner of the wall were these two shelves that had a whole bunch of tools and a few trophies. I couldn’t read what the trophies said and I didn’t want to walk through a lot of cob webs to get to them. Across from these shelves were filing cabinets. I’m not sure if I even wanted to know what was in them. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, on the right wall in the middle was a door. On either side of the door were windows. These windows still had the glass in them, unlike the one I came through. The door and windows were covered by more shrubs.
After standing in there for awhile, I started to get creeped out, so I hopped back out the window and went to find Suzzy. Suzzy and I walked around the side of the other building; there was a small door with a huge square whole in the bottom of it. Walking around the building, I noticed two windows on either side of the building that had wooden planks over them. Suzzy and I went back to the door and climbed in. This hut appeared to be more like an actual house. There was another small furnace in the bottom right corner; in front of the furnace in the top right corner was a box spring bed. Directly next to the bed was an old wooden rocking chair. The rocking chair was facing the bed and had three or four other wooden chairs behind it. Along the walls there were posters plastered everywhere. There was one calendar but it was so old I couldn’t read the date. This hut, just like the other, was dusty and covered in cob webs. Right as we were leaving I noticed a mirror, going the long way across the top of the back wall. The mirror was slightly angled downward so you could see yourself. I also noticed another window that I couldn’t see from the outside because of all the shrubs covering it. This window still had the glass in it, but it also had a wooden plank behind it. As I took one final glance around I noticed the other two windows were significantly smaller than the one under the mirror and they also didn’t have the glass in them.
There was something very suspicious about this place. It had appeared to be abandoned for a really long time, but I had a funny feeling that something important had happened hear recently.

Dear Diary, (continued)

As we were leaving the huts to head back home Alice noticed a bunch of bird feathers. “I wonder where these feathers lead to” She said. We followed the trail around the side of the “house” hut and found the skeleton of a dead bird with a bunch of its feathers lying around it. I also remembered seeing a bunch of bird feathers in a pile in between the two huts.
When we got back to the main path Alice turned to me and said “We should keep this a secret.” I agreed. We decided to name the huts The Bird Feather Huts after all the bird feathers we found laying around. We also decided to make a pinkie promise pact;

“This is the pact of The Bird Feather Huts
We promise to clean it and a secret we’ll keep it.”

So that my friends, is how The Bird Feather Huts came to be.

Dear Diary,


Suzzy and I went back a few days later. As we approached the huts we got a weird feeling. Looking around to see if anything had changed Suzzy and I noticed something was missing…

The author's comments:
This is an excerpt from the first chapter of the next book i am writing.

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