Netherfield Ball

April 29, 2008
By Ashley Stewart, Columbus, MT

Luminous chandeliers hang atop the ceiling, whilst sparkling diamonds help illuminate the entire room. Regal furnishings are among the numerous assets of the marvelous atmosphere. Walls looking as though made from Tuscan ivory are accompanied by an immaculate elegant floor. Only adding to the general splendor, a marble staircase is set in the corner of the room. As though mocking a wall flower, it most certainly does not resemble one. With creamy smooth stairs and railings, it allows many a person to be lulled into a sense of serenity. The railings are handcrafted by only the best roman architect with entailings of a sophisticated design amid the outlining bars.

A young man eyes a woman with whom he has admired from afar, months past. The impeccable skin tone, quite seemly figure, and sumptuous behavior appeals to him immensely. Qualities considered to be quite becoming in his mind. Longing to entice such a woman of incomparable beauty and stature, he fails to bear in mind his timidness.

“May I have the next dance miss? I see you’ve not displayed your talent of lightness of foot thus far.”

A small chuckle escapes from her rose red lips.

“You are correct sir. And speaking of my dancing ability, I suppose we shall assess it when the sinfonietta begins to play again.”

Immediately upon the violins’ sound, the two immerse together and sway about in a consistent motion. Keen to make conversation, she speaks.

“Might I ask you shed light upon a subject that I’ve been doting on kind sir? Not to be ignorant, but what do you recommend to encourage affection?”

To which he replies:

“Well, speaking rationally, conversation. What is your view of the matter?

To which she replies:


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