The Race Between Time

May 21, 2012
By CkC15 BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
CkC15 BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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To everyone in the small town of Littleton, Kansas, I’m just your typical teenage girl name Kirsten. I have two older cousins, Christen and Matthew, they take care of me. Everyone can see that Matt is really just like a father to me but we still share that brother and sisterly bound. So, of course, we fight a ton! I go through all that crazy teenage drama just like every other sixteen-year-old girl. I have AMAZING grades and totally awesome friends. Plus the coolest best friend EVER! (Yes he did pay me to put that in there). His name is Charlie, and even though things between us lately have been kind of, interestingly awkward I still know that he always has my back.

But, even Charlie doesn’t know my whole story. Actually now that my Uncle Donny is…no longer with us…only Matt, Chris, Uncle Bobby (not by blood), and I know the entire story. There’s so much to this huge secret it just drives me up walls sometimes. The worst part about being a teenage supernatural hunter is that hiding your gun at sleepovers gets really hard.

Your all probably really confused right now so let me fill you in. When I was born my parents, Uncle Donny, Aunt Merry, Matt, Chris, and I all lived very happily in Lawrence, Kansas in the friendliest neighborhood around. Of course while all the other normal parents were telling their small children nice little fairytales, I was getting taught Supernatural Evils 101. Everything from what they are, how they look and of course, how to kill them. And as I got older while all the other kids were learning to ride their bikes, I was learning how to hotwire every vehicle known to mankind. When I’d come home from school and hang out with Matt and Chris, Matt would teach us how to pick locks and clean all of our weapons. I was still in pre-school. So, needless to say, I had an extremely different bring up then most people do.

Around the middle of my pre-school year the boys and my parents decided that it would be okay to leave us with Uncle Bobby, and they all went on a group “Business trip”. While they were off trying to catch some sort of what they thought was a vengeful spirit Matt, Chris, and I were having the BEST time with Bobby! Unfortunately, though that’s when everything took a turn for the worse. Matt had just turned fifteen at the time so when Bobby got a frantic call from our parents he was put in charge while Bobby went off to help. Chris and I were scared but Matt of course kept us calmed. He just kept saying everything will be okay and not to worry. Only a mere twenty-four hours later Uncle Donny called and told us to go to our safe house ASAP! Matt looked like he could be at least nineteen at the time so getting away driving was no big deal. Our parents had left behind our ’67 electric blue chervil. It is really quite the car and with a few enhancements from me in these past few years she now reaches up speeds of two-hundred-and twenty mph. Anyway at that time my Dad had it set for up to at least a hundred-and-fifty mph. So, we got to the safe house pretty fast! We arrived before everyone else so we just chilled out and watched TV and waited for the others to pull up. I remember being so excited to see my Mom and Dad, but when we heard tires pull up into the driveway it was only Bobby’s truck. Me being the hopeful kid I am thought well maybe everyone else is in the trunk! Only, Bobby and Don walked in. And when we kids asked where everyone else was….well that was one of the only times I have ever seen my Uncle Donny cry.

I didn’t even get all the details until my sixth Birthday in just another shabby motel. Even though I REALLY wanted a new switchblade, I wanted to know what happened to my parents and Aunt Merry more. So, that’s all I asked for, I mean Matt being the amazing guy that he is, got me that switchblade anyways. I guess I whined about it a little more than I thought. And Chris got me a small little stuffed golden Labrador Retriever toy. He always has just wanted me to have a normal life and things normal little girls get. My Uncle Bobby gave me my first notebook. You are all probably just thinking “what’s so special about a small leather bound notebook?” Well first off it was from Bobby so DUH! Then second off every single hunter has a book to record new knowledge about what you’ve hunted and everything that’s happened to them. So, Bobby giving this to me was his way of saying, I believe in you. Yet, that year the most special thing I got was from my Uncle Donny. He handed down to me my Mother’s favorite silver necklace with the letter L, for Lilly, on it with a light blue topaz in the bottom loop of the cursive letter. I’ve worn it every day since.

After we ate cake which I had to beg for since during that time we were living on the road always running from, something. Bobby and Donny refused to tell me what it was. All I knew is that the always had me carry around salt, holy water, and this weird knife with funny scribbles on the side. Of course I also carried my own special objects with me. My cross necklace was always wrapped around my wrist, my Aunt Merry’s ring she had given to me before- um anyways it was always around my thumb, and then of course my father’s old favorite gray semi-automatic gun with an interesting phrase on the barrel. It reads, “Always Stronger, K” That phrase still has me puzzled. Especially since I have no idea what the K was for!

Anyways, I was helping Donny with the dishes afterwards when I finally worked up the nerve to ask the question that had been bugging me though that entire year. I tried to put it into a lot of conversations, but in the end in one of those long silent moments I just blurted it out.

“What happened to them?!”

I instantly just wanted to take back my words and shove them back into my never ending curious thoughts I would never ask after I saw the look on my Uncle Donny’s face.

But, to my surprise, Donny just sighed, looked into my chocolate brown eyes, then to my gun holster, my cross, Aunt Merry’s ring, and last my mother’s necklace laying on my light skin, but then, since it was summer, my skin had been kissed by the sun and my skin tone was tanner than normal. I just looked into his light crystal like eyes; Chris had the exact same ones. Finally Uncle Donny looked back to my eyes and said, “Let’s sit down.”

That’s when I finally got to understand the precaution’s we all took and why I always had to carry holy water. What they thought was a vengeful spirit actually was a very powerful demon. That was all he told me though so when the boys and bobby came back I told Donny and Booby that they should go have a good time, and that Matt would take good care of us.

As soon as the left I went to Donny’s midnight black impala and opened the trunk and the secret hatch inside where I found the one thing I knew I could trust, my Mother’s book. The boys and I all sat down on my bed and I gave the book to Chris to read the entry to what we all knew would give us the answer to our question. What happened?

Chris flipped to the last entry and read it out loud to Matt and I. Long story short this demon apparently has been tormenting our family for centuries and then she listed the spell in Latin that we can use to banish the demon for at least a little while. Even though that was important the words that stuck out to us the most were “I will not let him get to my baby!”

Yeah I was EXTREMLY happy that my mom cared about me, but I also knew how much she cared about the boys, so the question on my mind was why was my mom just concerned about me?

After we read it will quickly returned my Mom’s journal to the trunk, but not before I wrote down the spell in my own new book.

After a month Matt, Chris, and I dropped the news on Bobby and Donny that we were all going to capture that demon and stop running. So by the time I was seven years old my family and I had trapped a crazy demon that was causing way to many problems, and Matt now eighteen, Chris now thirteen we split off from Donny and Bobby. They continue to hunt and Matt, Chris, and I moved to Littleton, Kansas. It was somewhere familiar being in Kansas, but not too familiar. No one knew us, and we didn’t have to run anymore. We were finally getting what we always wanted, to be somewhat normal. Yeah we still sleep with guns under our pillow; we have salt lined on every window sill and above every door. Yet, still, it was better than what we had had.

Soon after we moved to Littleton Charlie became my best friend. We were on the playground and he was claiming to be the best tetherball player on the playground, so of course, I had to prove him wrong. After I beat him six times, we both glared at each other at first but then we just burst out laughing. We’ve been glued to the others side since.

It’s now eight years later, were still here in Littleton. We’d had little to none bad supernatural encounters, but NOOOOO that is way too much to ask for from the Winsley’s! So here we are now, spring of 2012, just now getting stuck with more supernatural idots, and since now you’re all caught up we can finally start from the present!

The author's comments:
This is only part of my Story there is much more to come from this story this is just a taste. Enjoy!

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