The Child

April 29, 2008
On the floor there sat a figure, a slender, beautiful, exotic figure. The sparkling, sandy colored floor only enhanced the figure’s natural beauty. Her eyes were emerald, but they were more intense than an emerald jewel. The eyes were massive, utterly immense. Her nose was perfect, it was fresh and clean, almost handsome looking. Her mouth was curled up into a calm yet stern smile. Her lips were tantalizing, with a faint rose tinge to them. Her skin was not pale yet it was not dark, it was a smooth and pleasant color invigorating to the eyes. This is the look of a one year old baby. Her clothes were orderly, her shirt was bright magenta and her shorts were a luminous sapphire blue. She was dazzling to look at. She didn’t say a word and didn’t move, not even to the melodious hum of the classical music behind her.

She sat on the gleaming floor and waited. She waited, endless days and chilly nights. She waited and in stepped a woman. She was as irresistible as the child that sat still waiting for her. Her hair was dark amber that completely contrasted the snowy blond hair of the child. The woman’s large sea-blue eyes rested on the child’s emerald ones and they stood in silence. After a while, the woman moved. She moved so swiftly and quietly that the baby didn’t notice but was left staring at a blank wall. The woman picked up the baby and the child was quick to fly into her arms gracefully. The woman plodded down the stairs and as she went the stairs creaked under her. As she reached downstairs she started to walk. She walked and walked slowly and gently almost rocking the baby in her smooth almond arms. Soon the baby was fast asleep. The woman tiptoed up the stairs and gently put the baby in the ivory crib. For the next hour all you could hear was the mellow swish and rare gurgle of the baby delicately breathing.

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