May 6, 2012
By Morgan Haberer BRONZE, Central Square, New York
Morgan Haberer BRONZE, Central Square, New York
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They come in almost once, every week. They seemed so happy and in love. The woman looked 25 years old and had dark, long brown hair. The man was very tall and had brown shaggy hair. He looked about 26 years old. While I took their orders, they would tell me about their past and often shared their thoughts about the future. From what they told me the woman’s name was Tracy and the man’s, Luke. Tracy had just graduated from Yale University College and Luke had never went to college, but worked at the local gas station down the street. They had been together for almost a year and were getting married in four weeks. They were also expecting a child in a couple of months.
Tracy and Luke always ordered the same thing; chocolate chip pancakes with vanilla ice cream and orange juice. Even if it was 5:00 pm, they would always order it. I was their usual waitress and our conversations were fun. We would talk a lot and I came to know them personally. With time, we grew to be very good friends. I was invited to there wedding, but couldn’t come because my mother was in the hospital. The next time they came in though, I noticed that they weren’t as cheery as usual and our conversation was unusually short. They started coming in almost once, every month, and I hardly ever talked to them anymore. They weren’t the smiling couple I had met before. Now they hardly talked and almost never smiled. I did notice, though, that Tracy had a baby bump although she never spoke of a baby.
Then they stopped coming, but I didn’t think much of it. I just figured they had moved somewhere so that they could settle down with the baby. Then after about three months of no Luke and Tracy, Luke came in with a different woman. He looked different in a way that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But the woman looked about half Luke’s age. I didn’t talk to them and instead, sent a different waitress over to take their order. It was weird that the couple had disappeared for months and then Luke shows up with a different woman. But maybe Luke and Tracy just had to go their separate ways. It wasn’t any of my business anyway.
That night as I was sitting down in my living room to watch the evening news, a woman’s picture appeared on the screen and the caption above it said:
Tracy Hough
Pregnant woman missing since: 8-6-10.
Last seen with husband, Luke Hough.
Call if you’ve seen her

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