Wolf Affair

April 28, 2008
A boy was walking down the dirt road in a forest. The wind was a cool breeze with a smell of water in it. Above, the sky was pitch black with bright stars and a few clouds.

The boy was named Chris, and he wanted to walk in the woods to get his mind off school. Today was a stressful day for Chris; he failed his P.E. class because he’s not strong enough to make a mile run in fewer than twelve minutes. His two weak legs hurt when he runs. Of course, his dad says that he needs to run harder and ignore the agonizing pain in his legs. Chris hates the pain he feels when he is exercising. To him he feels like his legs are about to fall off.

But, worst of all, he humiliated himself in front of the girl he likes at school, Jessica. To him she was very beautiful, with her blonde hair, and ruby colored eyes. He had known her since 9th grade, but has never spoken to her. But, he was happy for something else he did with her.

Thinking back on yesterday during the time he thought he was ready to make his move, Chris was sitting next to Jessica in their Biology class. He was going to talk to her for the first time.

He planned this from the beginning he was going to say, “Hey Jessica. How’s it going?” And, start from there. But, today it wasn’t going how it was planned.

Chris smiled at Jessica and said, “Hey Jessica.”

Looking away from the book she was reading, Jessica turned her head and asked, “Yes?”

Opening his mouth, Chris was going to say what he practiced. But, looking at her, Chris forgot his lines. He panicked and thought to himself, “Think of something.”

Chris couldn’t think of anything to say, not even, “I love you.” Eyes scanning for anything to start a conversation about, he saw her binder and was astonished by her stickers.

The purple binder had two interesting stickers. One sticker had a wolf holding a rose in its mouth. The other sticker had a wolf howling at a full moon.

“I like wolves,” Chris said quickly, “I like to feel their fur with my hands.”
Jessica was a little confused that the weird boy was saying those things.

“Uh, yeah that’s great,” Jessica told him.

Then he said, “I like stickers, I think they make things look beautiful. With their…shininess.”

Jessica was puzzled and asked, “Are you feeling okay?”

Chris was completely baffled by what he’s saying to her.

Then out of nowhere, he said, “I love…binders, I like it how they hold on to things.”

Jessica, freaking out, picked up her binders and backpack, and quickly moved to another seat.

Disappointed, Chris banged his head against his desk two times, for failure. He really believed that he would win Jessica’s heart without any consequences. Maybe she will never become Chris’s girlfriend.

“I heard she’s a werewolf fan,” a voice said behind him.

The unsuccessful teen turned around and saw a freckle-faced teenager. He was dressed in a blue T-shirt and jeans. His hair was orange, and his eyes were ocean blue.

Chris says, “Excuse me?”

The freckled face boy said again, “She’s a werewolf fan. There is a rumor that she secretly reads a lot of books on mythical creatures.”



The second encounter with Jessica was the amazing time he had with her. The day after he embarrassed himself, he had another class with Jessica in P.E.

Before Chris’s class started P.E., they had to do four laps around the soccer field. Their teacher, Mr. Collins, claims that it helps get their muscles ready for anything that comes their way. To Chris, it feels like he is drowning himself from the lack of oxygen.

Chris was on his second lap when he saw something. A soccer player accidentally hit Jessica in the head with a soccer ball. She was hit in the head with no warning; Jessica stumbled and fell to the ground.

Quickly, Chris ran up to the fallen angel to check her condition. There was a bruise on her forehead, but it wasn’t bleeding. Running teenagers stopped what they were doing and surrounded Jessica.

Then Mr. Collins cut into the circle. He was wearing his baseball cap and his gray sweater and sweat pants. The mustached coach had a look of concern on his face.

Mr. Collins said to the teens, “Alright give her some air! Back away!”

A few people backed away from Jessica, to let her absorb some air. Chris didn’t move an inch away from Jessica. He wanted to make sure that Jessica was okay.

Chris asked Jessica, “Jessica? Jessica? Are you alright?”

Jessica slowly opened her eyes and right in her face was Chris. She quietly said, “Oh no, not him.”

Then Mr. Collins said, “She is alright, just knocked out. Do you think you need to see the nurse?”

“I think so.”

“Alright, can anybody take Jessica to the nurse-“

“I can,” Chris yelled to Collins quickly.

The reason why he decided to take Jessica to the nurse’s office was so he could bond with her. Chris thought if he carried her to the nurse’s office, she might start to like him. Of course, another benefit is he gets to skip his P.E. class.

Chris extended his hand to Jessica and said, “Do you need a hand?”

Jessica just stood up and looked at him rudely. She told him, “I’m fine thank you.”

Chris and Jessica both moved through the crowd and off the field. They went past many lockers, classes, and hallways. Then they finally made it to the Nurse’s office. Inside the office was a wooden desk with paperwork on top of it, and some cabinets filled with medical instruments. At the desk was a black haired woman wearing a white doctor’s coat.

“Hello there,” said the doctor, “How may I help you?”

Jessica told her what happened to her.

“Well, why don’t you rest her for awhile? Just stay here and relax for a second.”


“Wait here I will be right back.”

The nurse left the teens in the office without another word. After she left, there was a moment of silence between the two teens. Lost in their thoughts. But, Chris broke it.

Chris asked Jessica, “So, does your head hurt?”

“Well, a little.”

“You know I was hit in the head by a flying baseball bat.”


“Yeah. I was walking down the sidewalk, and saw two people playing baseball. I ignored them and continued walking. Then all the sudden, a bat hit me in the forehead.”

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that.”

Then Chris made a funny sneer and yelled, “Psych!”

Jessica was confused for a second about the psych thing. Then she realized what he meant. She smiled at Chris and yelled, “You little joker!”

They both laughed at Chris’s funny joke. Then they started to talk about their life, from their friends, hobbies, and families. Jessica didn’t talk about being a werewolf fan. But, she did tell him that she lived in an apartment complex named, “Westside Apartments.”

That was the happiest day of Chris’s life!

Chris made it to a large lake named, “Freeborn Lake.” It was a clear lake with white sand and pebbles. He decided to relax for a few minutes and listen to the waves. Slowly, he closed his eyes and thought about Jessica. Letting the smell of the water calm him down.

Then suddenly, something happened. Chris started to feel hot all the sudden. He had trouble breathing and was itchy.

Looking up into the sky, Chris saw a bright full moon.

Chris started to wobble and he got very itchy. His muscles for some reason started to ache.

Lifting his right hand to his face, Chris was horrified. His hands started to grow hair! No-fur! Then his nails started to grow and their color changed. Their color is some sort of color Chris has never seen before.

Flashing thoughts started to appear inside his head. Chris wanted to play, not with humans, but with wolves. He wanted to howl at the moon with his canine friends. Another one of his thoughts was to find a beautiful wolf and…well you get the picture.

Bones inside his body start to snap, but he didn’t feel any pain. He felt like he was growing taller, the shore looked liked it was far below him.

A ripping sound was starting up. Chris looked down at his shoes and saw that they were ripping. Bam! They exploded in large chunks of pieces, and revealed Chris’s new feet.

His feet were the same as his hands. They were all covered in brown fur and his toenails were very long.

Looking behind himself, Chris was shocked to see a tail sticking out of his pants. The tail was two and a half feet long, like an anaconda. Then it quickly grew brown and gray fur on it.

Chris was astonished and scared. How could he do all of this? It’s amazing!

Fur was slowly growing out of his body, but not that slow. Something started to happen to his head. He was pressing his tongue against his newly growing muzzle. His nose turned into a black, dog-like nose.

His clothes started to feel too small, which was weird because he wears extra-large. With haste, he reached for his belt, unhooked it and pulled it out of his pants. But, once that happened, his shirt exploded from the increased mass and width of his body, revealing his furry chest.

Chris didn’t feel so good, he tried to scream, but all that came out was a howl. A shrill howl that sounded more like a dog howl. Finally, the remaining clothing, his pants, ripped off of his extended body.

He stood there next to the shore covered in brown and gray fur, naked of clothing. Feeling worn out, Chris dropped onto the sand.

Waking from his unconscious state, Chris’s senses have increased. He heard a bird feeding its young, a mile away. Using his increased scent of smell, he raised his nose smelling the wonderful scent of tiger lilies growing on the other side of the lake.

Confused, Chris crawled to the water. He was trying to cool himself with some water on his face when he discovered something that hit him hard like a falling stone.

When he peered at the water, he saw a reflection of a monster that scared him. But Chris decided to take another look. He realized that the monster reflection was actually himself. When Chris took a good look at his reflection he was amazed.

His head was a head of a wolf. Eyes have turned from blue to yellow. Ears were now on top of his head. Nose was black and it was a dog’s nose. Chris opened his mouth to check out his cool teeth. The teeth were razor sharp jaws. His tongue looked clean but much longer.

Looking at what he is now, Chris got up from crawling. Of course, he wobbled and was shaking once he stood up. He quickly grabbed onto a tree.

Chris looked at what he was using to grasp the tree. It was his hands, but they don’t look like his original hands. His hands were huge, furry hands with long pointed claws. They looked like they could crush a brick without breaking a sweat. Looking from his new hands, he saw his arms and they were muscular and furry. If a muscle man looked at them it would embarrass him.

He inspected his body to see what he had become. His chest was huge and chiseled with brown and gray fur. His large toned legs were covered in fur. His body was completely covered in fur and was muscular.

He turned his head around and looked at his back and saw a bushy tail sticking out of his butt. Chris tried to make it wag, but he doesn’t know how.

Suddenly, in his head he had visions of meeting wolves and making new friends. Having his tail wag away. His tail! It’s wagging. Chris saw his tail swaying from side to side.

He felt pretty proud of himself that he could wag his tail. Chris let go of the tree and tried to balance himself. He felt like a baby trying to walk. Because, of his new body he wasn’t sure how to balance with his increased mass.

Maintaining his balance Chris slowly moved his right foot in front of him. He set it down on the ground with ease. Now he has to move his left foot in front of him. With effort Chris moved his left foot in front of him and placed it on the ground. He did not lose his balance this time. Moving his left and right foot forward, he finally walked.

Chris felt good walking in his new form. He was naked, but he still felt warm. The feeling of increased strength and power was coursing through his body. It was a strange feeling. But amazing.

All of a sudden Chris stopped in his tracks. He turned towards his right and saw a redwood tree next to him. He put his hand against the bark feeling the rough texture under his hand. He rubbed his hand down the tree trunk.

If only I can show this to Jessica thought Chris to himself. Then an idea popped into his head faster than a bullet. Jessica’s apartment is nearby these woods. He could simply walk towards Jessica’s place and show her this. Maybe he could also learn a thing or two about his gift.

Of course there still is a problem, he doesn’t know which way to go. He came from his parent’s house, but has no idea which direction he had moved. Should he go forward, left, or right.

Looking around, he notices something different about his environment. Even though it’s nine o’clock in the evening and it’s dark outside, he sees his surroundings as if it is a sunny day. He can see in the dark.

As he looked around he realized there was a smell in the air. It smelled like…people. A multitude of scents from humans encompassed him coming from one large area. But Chris began to smell something beautiful and flowery, Jessica. These scents are coming from Chris’s left side. Which means that Jessica’s apartment complex is towards Chris’s left.

Chris, relying on his new senses, began walking towards his destination. Suddenly he felt the same nauseous feeling he felt when he transformed earlier. For some reason he again felt dizzy and fell down to the ground and lost consciousness.

Opening his eyes again he felt a little bit stranger. He couldn’t stand on his feet as his body felt heavier. And it seemed that he could only crawl to move. “Am I human now,” Chris said to himself.
Lifting up his left hand, he discovered something incredible. Chris’s left hand had turned into a paw with large black claws. His right hand, now paw, was the same as well as his legs. The only parts that stayed the same were his tail, his head and his senses. Chris has turned into a wolf!
“That’s something that you don’t see everyday,” Chris thought to himself.
At first he was a gigantic monster with a wolf’s head and massive muscles. Now he is a regular wolf. This transformation did not hurt Chris either.
Chris still needs to get to Jessica, so he can understand his situation better. Raising his front right paw he made a step, and he did the same thing to his other paws. He did it again, again, and again. Until he was walking on all four legs.
The scent is getting stronger. Chris felt like he could just reach out and touch Jessica. He’s getting closer all right.

About ten yards away from Chris, rectangular lights were illuminating a contour image, which looked like a large building. Maybe, it’s the Westside apartment building. He has arrived at his destination!
Using all the new energy inside his body, Chris broke into a run. He ran unbelievably fast on his four legs. Chris never ran that fast before as a human. He felt no pain or tiredness while running.
Getting closer to the structure, he concluded that it was the apartment building that Jessica was living in. On a wall of the building was a sign that said, “Westside Apartments.” It was a four level building, with rectangular balconies for each apartment. The balconies have different items and furniture on each. On one balcony, Chris could smell a barbeque grill cooking chicken. Another one had cigarette smoke coming from an ashtray on a table.
A smell caught Chris’s nose, it was Jessica’s scent. Pinpointing Jessica’s location, Chris guessed that she was on the third floor. To get to that floor was a mystery to Chris. He can’t climb up to her apartment, he’s afraid of heights. Also, he can’t climb because he is in his wolf form and doesn’t know how to switch forms.
Chris started to think about what it was like to stand on his two legs. He even missed being in his monster form with the strength and looks, running, jumping and grabbing onto trees. If only…
Chris deep in thought didn’t even know what was happening in reality. His head having been in space, but now it’s being brought down to earth. However something happened to him…again. He’s in his monster form again! Chris checked his body over, the massive muscular legs and arms, a snout, fur, and a tail.
“Yep, I’m in my monster form,” thought Chris to himself.
“Hmmm. Maybe I can change form by thought,” Chris again thought about his shape. He began to think about what it would be like as a wolf. All of a sudden, he’s a wolf again. Chris thought about his monster form, which caused him to change once again to a monster, from an animal to a monster, monster to animal and animal to monster. Yep, he learned that he could change forms by thought.
Perhaps he can change back to a human too. But, for some reason, even though he tried, he couldn’t. The thought of being human left Chris’s mind and he didn’t have the strength to summon it, like there’s a blanket wrapping around his brain blocking his thoughts.
Then, there was a little whine coming from some bushes. Chris kneeling down smelled and saw it was a small dog. It was a West Highland white terrier. And it was afraid. Judging by its scent, it was a male dog. He did not have collar and had no human smells.
“Raruf, rep-a-ow,” said Chris.
Where the heck did that come from thought Chris. He was going to say, “Hi there,” but instead he started making noises from his muzzle. He must have no human vocal chords anymore.
a voice said.
Chris was surprised to hear another voice that sounded human. Chris looked around to see the person, so he could try to explain that he meant no harm. Strangely there was no one here with him, just this dog.
the voice said.
This time it sounded like it was inside his head or brain. It was like someone spoke to him. Then he realized something; the voice was coming out of the bushes. The dog was talking to him. A talking dog!
thought Chris.
They were able to communicate with each other by thought. Perhaps their minds could communicate by thought waves.
Discovering this, Chris said,
He switched into his wolf form. In response the terrier started to growl and snarl at him.

The dog continued to snarl at Chris.
Chris walked slowly to the terrier, to possibly show it that he meant no harm. But, the terrier didn’t get the message. Seeing something out of the ordinary could cause fear to be created in one’s heart. So, the dog snapped at Chris then bolted out of the bushes running around the corner of the building.
Strangely, Chris begins to whine because the dog left him. Alone. He only wanted to be friends with him. To have someone to chase, wrestle and nibble playfully with.
Chris quickly shook these thoughts out of his head. Why was he thinking about this? Chris got his mind off these thoughts. He focused on how to get to Jessica undetected.
Then he saw a huge glass door with a lot of light shining through it. Above the door was a green sign displaying the word, “Enter.” The sign was flickering a little from lack of maintenance. Visible through the door was an elevator, doorways and a staircase. Not hesitating, Chris used his snout to push open the door.

Chris got past the front door, climbed the dirty cement stairs, and walked down the third floor hallway. It looked like all the old dirty hallways you would know: graffiti on the walls, and a few old flickering lights. All the doors are sky blue with black apartment numbers on each one.
However, Chris didn’t need to find Jessica by using numbers. He could find her by using his wolf senses. Still smelling her scent, Chris followed it down the hallway into another hallway.
This hallway wasn’t abandoned; a mailman was in the hallway. The man had a dolly next to him holding a few boxes, while he was holding a thin rectangular package in front of an open door. But, he didn’t see Chris come in.
“For the last time,” a voice said coming from within the room, “The website said that I can pay you $20 to drop off my package!”
“You should have looked at our website again,” said the mailman, “You need to pay me $40, plus tax!”
“I only have $30.21. The website said-“
“Look lady, I’ve been working my behind off these last fifteen hours. If you don’t like our mail system, then make a complaint.”

The mailman paused and rubbed his forehead, pinching it with irritation. He blinked a couple of times and shook himself out of confusion.
Then the mailman looked at the package and asked, “Did you hear some thing…Jessica Gerry?”
Chris’s nose tells him that the mailman is indeed talking to Jessica. He could smell her scent coming from the doorway. Also, he smells a book inside the package the mailman is holding, probably about werewolves. It’s a good thing that none of them see him. If they did, then they would raise an alarm.
Jessica than answered the guy, “I didn’t hear anything.”
“Are you sure? Because-you know what, forget about it. How about you pay me $28.10 and we’ll call it even?”
“Sounds reasonable.”
Jessica counted the money and gave the guy his desired money. The mailman gingerly took her money and handed her package over.
“Thanks a lot,” said Jessica and she turned towards the room, leaving the front door open.
The mailman looked down at his feet and said, “I hate my job.”
That’s when turning around without looking, the guy knocked over his dolly dumping over his packages. He cursed at himself and turned his back to Chris to pick them up.
This is Chris’s chance to get inside Jessica’s room unnoticed. He waited for the right moment when the mailman was completely distracted picking up his packages. His heart pounding, he quietly ran into the apartment.

Chris busts into Jessica’s room and she saw him. Her eyes were wide open with fear and astonishment.
She quickly got off her bed and said, “Ah, sit, stay. How did you get in here?”
Chris sat on the floor to make himself comfortable to watch the show.
“Look,” she said to the wolf, “I’m going to call my dad and-“
Chris decided to change into his monster form and scare Jessica. Standing up straight, he felt his body changing. Jessica was very scared about what was happening in front of her eyes. She sees a regular wolf turning into a huge monster. When the monster was done changing, he quickly jumped onto Jessica.
He clamped his hand on Jessica’s mouth, to stop her from screaming. Then he pinned her legs down with his own legs. Chris pulled back his free arm and formed a fist. He was getting ready to punch her! Ramming his fist towards Jessica, he stopped at a few inches away from Jessica’s face. Then he used his index finger to tap her.
Chris laughed from delight and said,
Chris got off of Jessica and asked,
Jessica had a confused look on her face and asked, “Chris?”

Jessica had a shocked look on her face looking at the creature. It showed excitement and astonishment right on it.
Jessica asked him, “How did you do that?”

Chris jumped in midair and switched into his wolf form.

“You’re a-.”

Chris decided to show off his abilities by saying,
From the bowels inside Chris, he released a loud but beautiful howl. But, Jessica was trying to shh him to stop. Because, he might wake up her brother or her neighbors.
said Chris. Then he started to lick his back brown fur.

said Chris. The flag on his rump swayed back and forth, and forth and back.

Feeling very happy, he ran all over Jessica’s room. Feeling the pull of his muscles and the wind pressing against his face, this must be what wolves and dogs fell when they run, Chris thought to himself. I see why they like it.

Jessica watching with excitement and confusion said under her breath, “Werewolves exist.”

“In your face, dad,” Jessica said to herself.

Her father doesn’t believe in what Jessica does. Whenever she brings up something about monsters, he would stop her. He believes that Jessica can’t get over her mom’s death, so she is learning about crappy mythology. Jack, her father, believes she needs to get her head out of the clouds and back to Earth.

The wolf in her room stopped running and switched into his lycan form. He slowly sat in a rollable chair, placing both of his furry legs on Jessica’s desk and criss-crossed them. Turning his wolfish head towards Jessica, he moved both of his own hands behind his head. Feeling comfortable, the creature decided to tell Jessica what happened to him.

Chris told her about how he was feeling when he was shape shifting. How his clothes he was wearing ripped off of his body, while changing into his wolf form. And about discovering how he could communicate by thought with a dog that he met and even getting past the mailman without making any noise.

said Chris.

Jessica, still a little shocked from the sight of Chris, quickly got over it. She’s not afraid of Chris anymore.

“Chris, can I ask you something?” asked Jessica.

Chris responded,

“Why the heck did you come here?”

“Uh. I don’t know a thing about werewolves.”

said Chris, looking serious.

Jessica looked at the furry werewolf, thinking if she should tell him her secret. She has never told anyone else at school that she is a big werewolf fan. Could she trust Chris to keep her secret?

“I might know some things about werewolves,” said Jessica. “I can tell you what I know as long as you don’t tell anybody about it.”

Jessica was confused. How did anyone know about her secret? She thought she had hidden her secret really well.

asked Chris.

He for some reason smelled something on Jessica. Probably he smelled confusion coming from her.

“Huh,” asked Jessica, waking up from her brainstorm on how people know about her secret.

“Oh, yeah. You want to know about werewolves,” she said.

Chris nodded his wolf head.

“Okay then,” Jessica began. “Werewolves are people like you and me. Only they have three forms: wolf, lycan, and human.

“Their human form is just like a regular human. Only they have a little bit of the werewolf power. For example, they can lift up to a hundred pounds with just one hand. They can listen and hear things miles away as well as see into the dark and smell things a mile away.

“The wolf form is just an ordinary animal. Nothing is special about it. That form only gives them the power of an actual wolf.”

“But the lycan form is the most powerful of all forms. It has the power of super strength. They can run faster than a horse; see in the dark; and can hear things miles away.”

That wasn’t what Chris expected, he already knows about his three forms. He wants to know other things.

Chris left his position of sitting in the chair and sat up right and said,

“They get their powers from their genetic code, DNA-”

Chris interrupted Jessica.

Jessica said, “Kind of. It’s actually an exchange of bodily fluids. You know a kiss, sharing food and yes, even a bite. But, the “infectie” doesn’t change into a werewolf from just one contact. You’re going to have to be infected multiple times again, and again, and again.”

Chris never knew that he could only turn a person into a werewolf by infecting them over and over again. He thought that one bite from a werewolf would turn the person into a werewolf. “I guess not,” thought Chris.

“Werewolves have a weakness,” Jessica added. “The only way to kill a werewolf is to…”


Jessica made a look at the furry beast and said, “No, shoot them in the head or decapitate the head. Silver doesn’t hurt a werewolf, a pussy-willow plant would kill one.”

Hearing this information coming out of Jessica’s mouth, made Chris’s eyes widen.

Chris then asked,

“Yes, it does.”

“No one knows why a pussy willow can kill you, some people say that there is a chemical reaction in the plant that can poison you, or it’s the devil’s weed.”

Jessica explained that by dipping a sword in water filled with pussy willows could give the blade the power to kill a werewolf. Even including pussy willow fragments inside bullets can kill a werewolf. She also mentioned that Chris has the power of tissue regeneration, which allows him to heal really fast after an injury.

Chris said with astonishment. Talking about what he can do made him ask Jessica one more question.

he asked.

“What?” Jessica asked, looking at him curiously.

Chris asked Jessica.

Jessica could tell he was scared because his tail wasn’t wagging.


Chris said in relief.

Jessica smiled at Chris and said, “Do you want to kill someone?”

“Then you won’t kill anyone?”

“That’s another werewolf power they have. It’s called telepathy and werewolves use it to communicate with each other. Scientists say that animals could communicate by thought.”

Chris was amazed about the information on werewolves. Maybe the movies simply changed a lot of things about his kind.

“Why did you come here?” Jessica asked.

Chris asked.

“Why did you come and see me?” Jessica asked.

“You barely asked any questions. What are you really doing here?”

The answer is simple. He loves her. After his worst pick-up line and his good one, he still loves her.

Chris told her.

Jessica’s face didn’t change much. She already knew that she liked him.

Chris got out of the chair and stood up, with his height towering over everything in her pink room and feeling his warm fur on his back.

Jessica just stared at him and said, “Really?”

Jessica got off her bed and said, “I know.”

Chris, completely shocked, said

“Oh come on. I knew you liked me when I first met you.”


Jessica smiled at the monster and said, “I might like you a little. I never in my life had a boyfriend. But, could you do something for me?”

Chris was eager to find out what it was. It could be a kiss! His tail was wagging with excitement as to what the need was.

he asked her.

Lifting her hand in the air, Jessica used her index finger to tell Chris to get a little closer to her. Yes, definitely for a kiss!

Chris slowly came closer to Jessica. Tongue panting with excitement, Chris stood in front of Jessica. He lowered his head a little and asked,

Jessica still smiling slapped Chris right on his muzzle. After feeling the blow on his face, Chris was walking backwards while Jessica was walking towards him.

“That was for the worst pick-up line I have ever heard,” Jessica said.

She slapped him again and said, “That is for jumping on me.”

Chris whimpered from the throbbing pain coming from his muzzle. He wasn’t bleeding, but it hurt him a lot.

Then Jessica yelled, “I can be happy without anyone liking me.”

Her disgusted, mad look on her face disappeared and she said to Chris, “I have never been liked by a guy in my life.”

Chris’s pain suddenly vanished away. He wasn’t mad at Jessica. He simply felt his heart pumping.

Chris told Jessica.

Jessica stepped forward towards Chris and said, “I have never slept with a man.”

Chris did the same and said;

Jessica slowly leaned her head forward towards Chris and said, “I have never been…”

Chris interrupted Jessica.


Just what was Chris waiting for, a kiss. They both were moving their lips closer to each other. They were just a few inches from each other…when, something happened.

Chris’s stomach started to growl from hunger. Then a sharp pain, growing in his stomach, made him move away from Jessica. He felt like someone stabbed him with a knife, puncturing his stomach. Clutching his chest and whining like a dog, Chris started to wobble.

Worried and scared, Jessica asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chris looking up with his amber eyes, said

Jessica pointed towards her door and said, “There is left-over meat in the kitchen.”

After hearing this, the hungry wolf ran out of Jessica’s room, still clutching his stomach, and into the green kitchen. He didn’t turn on the kitchen lights because he could see just fine in the dark. He opened up the refrigerator and searched for anything that was meat.

He saw a tri-tip in a package. Chris picked up the package, tore the meat out and he ate. The warm juice coming from the meat was running down Chris’s throat. It was feeling great to Chris. He saw a package of meatballs, and then ate it; left over steak that he ate; frozen hamburger meat, ate it, salmon, ate it. He satisfied his hunger with a belly full of food.

Picking up all of the wrappers from the containers, Chris rolled it into a ball to be thrown away. The wrappers were above the trashcan when the lights came on.

Chris turned his head towards the entrance to the kitchen. Shockingly, he saw Jessica’s little brother Brian, looking at him. He was wearing his yellow and white striped pajamas. His frizzy brown hair framed his face with shocked blue eyes. Not knowing what to do next, Chris dumped his trash into the garbage can.

They stood there, staring at each other. For seven long seconds they stared at each other, until Jessica came in and saw them.

Quickly she told her brother that the werewolf was actually a friend of hers dressed in a costume, here to play a joke on her. Brian wasn’t convinced. He is not scared of Chris anymore; he just doesn’t know what to believe in now.

“So,” said Brian. “You’re wearing a costume?”

Chris looked at Jessica desperate for her help. She quickly nodded and Chris nodded for a “yes.”

“Then take it off.”

“He’s not wearing anything underneath,” said Jessica.

“But, it must be hot inside the costume. Don’t you agree?”

Chris believed that if he pretended to move his mouth while he telepathically talked to him, then maybe the kid would think he is talking. But, before he could do anything, he felt a sharp pain flowing throughout his body. He collapsed on the floor and curled into a ball. His whining somehow turns into some kind of human moan. He closed his eyes and let his pain pass.

He stood up feeling a little different. Brian and Jessica had surprised looks on their faces.

“Ah, Chris. Are you feeling alright?”

Chris nodded and Brian pointed low towards his feet. To his horror, he was human again. But, he was stark naked.
“Oh my God,” yelled Chris. He grabbed at a hand towel to cover some of him.
Suddenly, the doorknob to the front door is jiggling. Their dad came home!
“Quick,” yelled Jessica. “Get inside my room and hide!”
Chris ran naked into her room. Brian then told Chris to put some clothes on.
When Chris got into her room, he heard a small whine coming from outside. He quickly ran to Jessica’s balcony and saw his white terrier, but not alone. Three mean dogs were about to attack his terrier friend. A Doberman, pit bull and rottweiler were growling and ready to attack.
Chris hesitated, and then thought about his fears, of heights and of not telling Jessica the truth sooner. How could he act like a fool and not have acted like a man. He should have acted like a man from the beginning. Just use his powers to climb instead of walking here. Even though he made a few mistakes in his life, he doesn’t have to make a fool of himself when he saves a life.

Chris pulled himself up onto the railing of the balcony. Then he thought about being a wolf and stepped off the railing.

The wind was flowing throughout his body when he felt the changes happening to him. Very quickly, he changed into a wolf. He landed on the ground on both of his feet, without breaking any bones or feeling any pain in his body.

He ran in between the terrier and the three other dogs, and growled at the big dogs. The Doberman and the rottweiler growled at Chris. Showing off their big sharp teeth. While the pittbull stood where he was and growled at growled at Chris. Then the rottweiler lunged at Chris’s neck, but Chris dodged and bit the dog’s thigh. The dog yelped and got behind the other bad dogs. The rest of the mean dogs decided to attack together. Chris changed to his lycan form and swatted each dog that lunged at him.
The three dogs just stood there looking afraid of what Chris had become. Chris released a howl that sent a shiver down the dogs’ spines. Then acting like cowards, the dogs ran away from Chris whining like puppies.
The only thing that concerned Chris was the terrier’s condition. He wanted to make sure that it didn’t get hurt from the dogs. He checked the dog over and saw no injury. And, the terrier appeared to be very, very happy.
Then Chris cradled the dog in his arm and hugged it. The terrier started to lick Chris’s muzzle and Chris did the same thing to the terrier. A friendship has sparked between the two. A friendship that is far stronger than any other friendship he’s had in the past.
The terrier said,

Chris set the dog down so they both could say their good-byes before the terrier left to go find his home. It’s not goodbye forever, Chris will always know where the terrier is and he can see him everyday. As long as no one sees him in his lycan form. Best friends forever!
The terrier was saved and the mean dogs were taken care of. All that remained was a kiss. Jessica stepped onto the balcony and saw her werewolf boyfriend climb up the balcony without breaking a sweat. He was in front of her as they stood there, staring at each other. Then slowly, but carefully they finally kissed. Feeling Chris’s tongue touch hers, Jessica realized that she was about to embark on a wolf affair.

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