After Life

May 1, 2012
By LoneWolf226 SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
LoneWolf226 SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
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Your heart is on the left side of your chest to remind you that love isn't always right.

I never thought it would happen quite like this before. I mean I'd heard of people dying by choking on gummy bears, but this was ridiculous. A window, a stone, and a squirrel was all it took. I was simply walking a long down the walkway of my school when a window shattered and a huge rock flew out nearly hitting me in the head, but instead it clipped the side of a squirrel. This sent the poor guys acorn flying in the opposite direction, thus causing the furry tailed rat to go into full demon mode.

It came at me half flying half running ready to take me out with little claws and most likely its teeth. When I attempted to move out of the way I tripped over my own feet, but the baseball sized shards of glass didn't help me at all. After hitting the ground and getting painfully cut up the demon squirrel attacked me. When I tried to kick him, he moved away, but when I went to get up my hand was sliced open by a large shard of glass spilling crimson blood everywhere. I screamed in pain and frustration, and then saw the squirrel jumping at my face. I turned my head away, but instead of claws and teeth I suffered the wrath of jagged glass in my neck.

Pain blossomed inside of me, but it didn't last long. As the pain flourished I was consumed by a wave of blackness and a dull sense that I was still under attack by one of the scariest creatures alive. A squirrel turned demon with a lust for blood and not nuts.

Everything was black at first and I figured that at any moment I would see a bright light like everyone says, but that didn't happen. I heard the sound of water dripping from some unknown place in the darkness, and I wondered how far this place went on for. I realized that my eyes were still closed tightly but I couldn't open them at all. I heard far away voices that got closer and closer.

“What a shame, she was a great girl.” A man with a deep, hoarse voice said sadly.

“Yes but no one knew her at all.” A woman’s soft voice coated with despair said quietly.

“True, now all they will know her by is the girl who was attacked by squirrel and died after her throat was cut open by glass.”

“It really is a shame indeed, her whole life gone.” The voices started to fade away into the dark void that surrounded her.

What, my thoughts screamed as loud as they could, I’m dead now! I’m really truly dead, and by a squirrel, glass, and that stupid rock none the less! Wait if I’m dead then where am I? Another drop sounded followed by another one. Then I heard voices again, but these voices sounded different, younger.

“Did you hear what happened to Megan?” It was definitely a girl’s voice, but I didn’t know whose it was.

“Of course I did, everyone was talking about. And it even made the news.” A different girl spoke up to the other, it was really annoying not being able to see.

“Still, I just can’t believe someone died on campus. Supposedly her ghost haunts the girl’s bathroom.” It was a third girl’s voice and was immediately followed by giggles and other voices that I couldn’t make out. Three drops of water fell quickly, resounding in the dark chasm where I lay.

Oh dear goat cheese! My mind was on a roll today with thoughts of impending doom but this! People were finally talking about me and all they had to say was it was a shame I died (nice thought someone cared) and that I haunted the girls bathroom. The last one aggravated me so much, but then to hear how I was on the news. Gah! I hated the news.

I tried to open my eyes again but found it nearly impossible to do. Then I heard a silky smooth voice that dripped with honey whisper gently close to my ear, “Megan Nightray, wake up my dear, you’ve slept for a while now.” I managed to open my eyes and found the most wonderful sight ever. It suddenly didn’t matter that I was dead until memories flooded back to my mind. But by then I could only smile even wider.

I looked over at Richard, his blonde hair falling in front of his blue and brown eyes, “Dying is the worst thing possible.” I said smiling at him.

“Well then maybe you should avoid squirrels from now on.” I frowned at him.

“Shut it! We’ll just use a different world or time period I hated learning about the 21st century anyway.” I jumped off the bed I’d been laying on and lightly punched his arm. When we walked past a mirror I could've sworn I saw the glittering outline of wings coming from Richards back, but that was impossible I’d known him my entire life, and never before had the strange light appeared from his back.

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