That Thing in the Fishtank

May 22, 2012
By , logan, OH
Bernard pressed his face against the glass wall of the aquarium. The fish were swimming in hypnotic circles around a huge clump of rock and seaweed. They swam frantically around, mesmerizing him. Suddenly a deep, European accented voice growled inside his head.

“KILL them! Kill them ALL!”
Bernard gasped as six glowing yellow eyes appeared within the seaweed.

“What…are you?” he asked

“The eyes blinked, and the voice inside his head screamed “I am your Meister! Kill ALL the people! They are Mein enemies, they make me angry!”

Images flickered in Bernard’s head, of blood and broken glass and people screaming. And water…so much water, stained red.

“No!” he cried aloud.

“Nein, you say?” the eyes mocked him from within the seaweed. A mouth appeared, sporting huge fangs and a nasty leer. It snatched up an unsuspecting fish in a single instant. “You have no choice.”

Suddenly the glass broke into thousands of razor sharp shards. Bernard picked one up, his face blank. He began randomly stabbing people left and right, showing no emotion. Blood spurted everywhere and mixed with the water on the floor. The thing in the seaweed oozed out of the fish tank and laughed, yellow eyes gleaming triumphantly.

“Puny, worthless humans! At long last I am free once again! At last, your end has finally come!” It screamed and proceeded to devour everyone in the room. When it was finished it walked out of the aquarium into the light. It was ready to find more prey.

Bernard’s mutilated and half-eaten corpse lay abandoned in a pool of blood. His sightless eyes stared out vacantly, unaware that he had been used. He had merely been the first of many to be used as puppets by the creature in its crusade to destroy the human race.

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