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May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

On Saturday fleshy war machines came and put rocks to cut us off we all knew this was going to happen and yet we did not prepare most of our families are cut off and half our colony will die. The salinity level will go down because there is water coming in but staying there. People are going to fight back but we are powerless against the fleshys. There is thousands of missing and hundreds wounded and countless people dead. Here are some stories from witnesses
Local man brim says this;

“My kids and wives are gone now I went home to get more food for our day at the lagoon and when I came back there was a wall, yes I have two wives.”
Mike says this;

“My two sons are wounded and my wife and daughter were crushed and I’m out of a house the fleshys need to pay for this mess that they have made.”

This is outrageous we need to stop. If we don’t we will be killed or worst go extinct.

We also have reports of people seeing metal fish above water with nets or some stuff like that.
A man by the name of mark is a witness

“Dude man I saw like this like metal fish or something like crazy like the boat or like yeah and like there was this thing like hanging off it and like a school of like my friends were like there then like the boat or like fish thing past and like then like they were like gone man. It’s like super crazy man. Like I’m scared bro. you should like be to. WERE All GONNA DIE MAN.”
Wow that’s some crazy witness report and we have tons more just like this and I have a feeling that were going to get more and more cases and missing shrimps reports. We have a report from people stuck on the other side of the he** wall.
Susan Chung says this;

“There is a plague going through this part people are falling like ash after a volcano and we need to get back to the other side and fast.”

This is bad way worst than we could have ever imagined. What will we do now?

This is it for now we will have more reports tomorrow. This is one disaster that we will all be affected by.

The author's comments:
i had to write this for science its a lovely piece

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