She was Bullied to Death

May 22, 2012
By Barttana BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
Barttana BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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“Junior year of high school is almost, over can you believe that I will be a senior next year mom!”

On her way to school she had to pick up her two best friends; Amanda and Christina. Chelsea had it all in high school, boys chasing her, joined every sport and club she can. She sure did keep herself occupied, she was friends with everybody. Students at East Bay High School were into this website called; Spacebook it kept people up to date about the newest trends and the latest drama.
“Girls gossip way too much” said Jake, the cute boy Chelsea has a crush on.
Today at school was like any other day, students lurking the halls and not wanting to go to class, because it was way too hot anyways.

As soon as school got out the girls wanted to go to the mall like their usual plan was every Monday after school. That didn’t happen because Chelsea ended up hanging out with Jake, he had asked her to do something after school and she had forgotten to tell Christina and Amanda. The two girls were furious and decided to not even argue with Chelsea and walked home, since that was the only way to get home.

“I can’t believe Chels would choose to hang out with Jake then us.”

“Oh come on Amanda, you know how boy crazy she is, she’ll never change. She lives for the attention of boys; I wouldn’t be surprise if he ended up being her boyfriend tomorrow morning.”

“Don’t talk about her like that Christina!”

Later that night Chelsea had called to see what they were up to, but neither of them answered their phones she thought they were sleeping or busy doing something else because it was already 10 P.M. Off to bed she went, the next morning she notice that Christina or Amanda didn’t call to ask for a ride, they even ignored her at school. She was getting kind of curious why they were acting the way they were. During lunch hour Chelsea caught up with Amanda; she tried starting a conversation with her.

“What’s up with Christina today?”

“She’s still kind of mad about yesterday Chels; you did leave us hanging like we didn’t matter or something. You were acting really stuck up, just because you were going to hang out with Jake. On top of that you didn’t even bother telling us until the last minute Chelsea!”

I didn’t think they would be this mad that I hung out with Jake, why can’t they understand that I really like this boy?

“I’m sorry Amanda, I didn’t know that’s how you guys felt. Why didn’t you say anything to me? I tried called the both of you last night but neither of you answered your cell phones. So, I thought everything was okay between us.”

Amanda accepted her apology, but that didn’t mean everything was going to be all peachy again. Chelsea tried to go find Christina but she was nowhere to be seen, everyone said she was in the classroom doing extra credit work, but when she went to go look Christina was not in there. She was found in the library on the computer, as soon as she seen Chelsea walking her way she quickly shut down her computer; walking away like she didn’t notice Chelsea coming her way.

“Hey Christina wait up! I need to talk to you.”

“I have nothing to say to you, Chels. Just leave me alone!”

Chelsea already knew the hard part was going to be apologizing to her and hoping she would accept it. It’s been over weeks since Christina and Chelsea have spoken to each other, at least she seen one of her best friends, Amanda was more of an understanding person, but Christina was more stubborn and mean, everything had to go her way or there will be a huge storm.

Christina and Chelsea had the same birthdate, they always celebrate it together ever since 6th grade. She wonders how this is going to come along now, since they can barely be in the same room as each other. Amanda came over that evening to help Chelsea plan her birthday party out.

“So, have you spoken to Christina yet?”

“No she never answers my call or text message it’s like I don’t exist to her anymore Amanda. I was really hoping she would answer something because I still want to have our parties together like we used to do.”

“I think she’s having her own party this year, she made invites on Spacebook she practically invited the whole school. That should be a fun party, what are you planning to do Chels?”

“Oh, I don’t even know. This is so stressful; I probably won’t even do anything for my birthday now.”

“Well you better decide you don’t have much time left.”

“I know, Amanda. I shouldn’t even do anything, maybe I won’t.”

Chelsea was really bummed that she couldn’t celebrate her birthday with her best friend. Christina had this huge plan for her birthday instead of a Sweet 16; she’s having a Sweet 17.

It’s weird that the girl I grew up with is now treating me like I don’t exist. Can she really be hurt by the fact that I hung out with Jake and not her? I will never know because she can’t even look at me one bit. What the heck, she won’t even say one word to me so why should I even bother anymore.

A couple weeks have past and Christina still hasn’t come around, to accepting Chelsea’s apology. She checked her Spacebook that night, seen that she had a new friend request from a boy she did not know, he didn’t even look familiar to her but she still accepted it and right away he sent her a message. Since that night, they’ve been talking non-stop. Next morning she went to school everyone was staring at her up and down she was so confused. Even Jake looked at her weird and didn’t say one word to her. People were saying “you dirty little rat, get out of here, you belong in the zoo because your too ugly!” She left school early that day because she was so overwhelmed about everything. She got online to see what everyone was talking about, she seen that her page has been hacked on her statuses there were over one hundred comments. People calling her naughty words judging her by what others were saying about her. Weeks went by she was depressed and sad. She couldn’t eat, nor sleep. All these mean stuff people said about her was running through her mind like crazy. She couldn’t stop herself from always crying. Bullying is the number one cause of teen suicide.

Christina came over one day and asked how Chelsea was going, at this moment Chelsea really do need her two best friends to be there for her, over the weeks Chelsea has been doing better, she ignore what people were saying about her.

“I have something to tell you Chelsea”

“What is it Christina? You know you can tell me anything.”

“Don’t be mad at me but I was the one who hacked into your page, and said all those mean things about you, I was the one who made a fake profile of the boy, I’m so sorry Chelsea. I was really mad at you at that point. I didn’t think of what to do.”

“I can’t believe you did that! Get out of my house!”

Later that day, a video was posted onto Chelsea’s page it titled “I’m nobody I don’t matter.” Right away it had over 100 hits the video talked about suicide and how bad her life has been ever since her own best friend created a fake page to make a joke out of her, hacking into her page putting mean things, Chelsea had had enough of it. Getting bullied online is as bad as getting bullied in person, it still hurts the person and it will always. Never be the reason why someone committed suicide, it’s never a good thing to live up to. Later that night Chelsea killed herself, she was found dead on the bathroom floor with tons of drug medications.

Did I really just kill myself? Why did I let it get to me? I just had enough of it all; I can’t believe my best friend would ever do something to me like that. Why did I ever trust her knowing that she wouldn’t accept my apology first, because of her my life has ended, because of her my mother will never watch me grow into a beautiful lady, because of her I will never have future. I am now dead, and it’s all Christina my own best friend fault.

The Day of Chelsea’s Funeral

On the day of Chelsea’s funeral, the whole junior class showed up but who would have thought Christina would but she was there with her mother and father. People looked at her with a disgusted face, like who would ever do that to their best friend to the point where she wants to kill herself.

“If anybody will just listen, I would like to say something if I can.”

“You don’t deserve to say anything; you’re the reason why we’re having this funeral in the first place.”
“Mrs. Johnson I’m sorry I caused this to happen to your daughter, I was just so mad at her for what happened. It was like she didn’t care about our friendship. I know I shouldn’t have taken it that far but I did, and I feel really guilty about it. I didn’t mean to take it that far, I thought she was going to laugh about it and move on. I’m sorry, I would understand if you don’t ever speak to me or even look at me. I don’t expect you to accept my apology but I’m saying it anyways.”

“There are things that will never be forgiven or forgotten, and this is just one of the things that I will never forget”

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