Prank Call

May 14, 2008
By Raven Dockery, Milwaukee, WI

It was the night of Friday the 13th, 4 girls, Brianna, Nicole, Rachel and Samantha, all alone in a mansion. It was a sleepover. They played board games, ate pizza, joked around with each other and made harmless prank calls, or were they. They called Jimmy Johns to order pizza and then they called Pizza Hut to order sub sandwiches. They finally resolved to call actual people. The last call they made was to someone by the name of John Collins. Somebody who didn’t really like to be bothered. They dialed the number, and he answered. “Hello,” he said.

“Hello John,” Brianna said.

“How do you know my name,” he asked?

They hung up the phone and started laughing. Suddenly the phone rang. It was a private call.

“Hello,” Nicole said.

The person said nothing, but she knew somebody was on the other line because she could here them breathing.

“Hey creep when you call someone your suppose to say something dumb a**,” She said and hung up the phone. “Weird,” she said.

The phone rang again. This time the number showed up and belonged to someone by the name of John Collins.

“Hello,” Nicole said.

John said nothing for 10 seconds. “I like my privacy,” He said then hung up.

Nicole was really freaked out.

“What did he say,” Rachel asked?

“I think he was the person that called 5 minutes ago,” Nicole said still in shock.

The phone rang again. They all jumped.

“Let me talk to this creep,” Rachel said. “Hello.” Nothing, not a word just his heavy breathing. “Hello, listen you jacka** if you call here again I am calling the police,” she said assertively.

“I like my privacy,” he said and then hung up.

“Weirdo,” Rachel said. “Listen he’s not going to call again if he knows what is good for him.”

All of a sudden it was raining and lightning outside.

“Oh great,” Samantha said.

“What,” Brianna asked?

“Well, things like this always happens in scary movies just when someone is about to die, rain. Next thing you know the lights are going to go out and we will be the only ones without power in the neighborhood,” Samantha said.

Sure enough the lights went out. Samantha went to go look out the window and her prediction was right they were the only ones without power. “See,” she said.

They sat in the dark living room wondering what to do.

“Maybe I should go get some candles from the basement,” Nicole said.

“You can’t go alone, he could be in this house,” Brianna said.

“There’s nobody here because all of the doors are locked and if someone were in here we would here them trying to get in. I’ll be fine,” she said.

“Isn’t there a window in your basement Nicole,” Brianna asked?

“Yeah, so what,” she said.

“ Well if we are up here how wouldn’t we hear if someone tried to break in down there or not. I think we should forget the whole candle idea and just sit here in the dark, I mean it’s thundering outside every five seconds, there’s our light. And it’s midnight the sun will be up in six hours, so you can just stay up here Nicole so you won’t get killed,” Brianna said.

“ That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth. No, I am going down to the basement and I will get a lifetime supply of candles so that we have some other source of light besides lightning,” Nicole said.

“Fine, do what you want, but don’t come crying to me when it turns out that someone did break in down there and slashes your throat,” Brianna said.

“She won’t be able to come crying to you, you dimwit. She would be dead,” Rachel said. “Listen, just holler if you think anything is suspicious and we will come after you, okay?”

“Okay,” Nicole answered.

Nicole stood up and made her way through the living room and into the kitchen. She opened the door to the basement and stood there. She took a deep breath and then she mad her way down the stairs. One stair at a time. She made her way to the ground floor and ran into a box. “I’m okay,” she yelled.

The box she ran into had the words candles and flashlights written on it. “ Found it,” she yelled.

Just as she was turning around the basement door shut on her, she wasn’t alone. It was dark, her breathing getting heavier. She could here footsteps coming in her direction. One by one, then they stopped. She could feel someone breathing down her neck. She recognized his breathing. Suddenly he wrapped his arm around her neck and whispered in her ear, “I told you I like my privacy.” He pulled out a knife and slit her throat. The box fell to the floor with this loud thump.

“Did you here that,” Brianna asked. “I think someone should go check to see if Nicole is ok.”

“Fine I will,” Rachel said.

She left the living room, walked through the kitchen and opened the basement door. There lies Nicole’s dead body. She screamed and then a shadow appeared. It was John. She slammed the door shut and barricaded it with chairs from the kitchen. She ran inside the living room and screamed, “we got to get out of here now.”

The basement door opened. John is strong. He came into the living room. The girls screamed and ran upstairs as fast as they could. They ran inside a room and locked the door. “What the hell just happened,” Brianna asked?

“Nicole is dead Brianna,” Rachel said.

“I knew it,” Samantha said.

“Well if you’re so smart and think you know everything why don’t you tell us what is going to happen next, because one of our friends is dead now and it’s all your fault for making her go down there alone,” Brianna cried.

“One thing it is not my fault because Nicole chose to go down there alone. Another thing instead of blaming me we need to find away to get out of her before this psycho comes and kills us all,” Samantha yelled.

“Here the window,” Rachel said.

They opened the window Rachel went out first, then Brianna then Samantha, except something had held her foot back. It was John he pulled her back in and shut the window. The only thing Brianna and Rachel could see was the blood from Samantha’s body splattered all over the window. They screamed. He came to the window and stared at them. He fled from the window. Rachel and Brianna ran into the woods and to neighbor’s house. Nobody was home. The lights were on. Rachel looked inside the window and saw an envelope addressed to someone by the name of John Collins. He had been watching them all along.

Rachel felt a certain breeze down her neck and she turned around and there he was. Brianna stood still. He pulled out is bloody knife and said, “I like my privacy.”

“I am so sorry sir,” Rachel said.

“A little too late for sorry, isn’t it. Should have thought about that when you called me,” He said.

Brianna looked around the house and lay on the ground was a spear. She slowly picked it up and stabbed him in the stomach. “Well yeah that is for my friend Nicole,” she said and stabbed him again. “And that is for Samantha,” she said.

He fell to the ground. Rachel stood there in shock. They embraced each other. They didn’t see it but there was a quiver in John’s hand. He grabbed the spear and stabbed both of them. He stood there rain falling on their bloody bodies. He fell to the ground and it was the end to a horror of a nightmare.

Nicole woke up with a cold sweat. It was all a dream. She just had to make sure that dream didn’t come true tonight at her sleepover with Samantha, Rachel and Brianna.

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Okay, so i totally didn't see it being a dream. Kept me on my toes. i liked it alot!

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