Viola Kate

May 19, 2008
By Erin Merlo, Kalamazoo, MI

My name is Thea Jane Checton. I attend school at West Street High school. I'm a junior, and somewhat normal. By normal I mean not popular and not a nerd (one glance at my grades and you'd know that). My best, best friend, who I would walk to the end of the earth and back for, is Viola Kate Monovich, the school’s most popular girl.

Viola Kate is extremely smart, athletic, and I can’t believe she would want to be friends with someone like me. She could have any guy by the snap of her never-had-to-work-a-day-in-her-life fingers. Don't get me wrong I love Vi, but she doesn't know how good she has it. Or least she did.

Ever since Viola's mom died in a car accident, a few months ago, it's like Viola's become a different person. A person I don't know. Let me tell you, it's scary, to have Vi like this. She's always been my rock, there for me when my brother died, through scraped knees and gross school cafeteria lunches. I'd give anything to have the old Viola back, I'd give anything to see that spark of life back in those green eyes, and I'd give anything to receive just one more perfect smile.

Every morning on the bus, Viola and I use to make each other laugh so hard we would end up in tears. The bus driver would tell us to stop giving her a headache, or we would have to clean the bus (we actually did a few times along with sitting in the front seat, but that didn’t work because she would just get a bigger headache). Now when I look over at Vi, she looks tired and empty. Sometimes I wish I could get into her head so I would know what she is thinking. During school day’s, that is the one she chooses to come to, I’m the one who talks, and I only receive yes or no answers. It's hard, but I really want to be there for Viola Kate, I really understand her pain, and it's not her fault that her mom died.

Viola and her mom were extremely close. They did everything imaginable together whether it was spa trips or arts and crafts weekends. When Vi and I wanted to hang out, Vi's mom would hang out with us too. She took us everywhere. My mom said she spoiled us, even though I don't deserve anything, because my grades are atrocious. So Viola’s mom and I made a deal. Every time I get an A I also get a shopping trip. I wish my mom and I were as good as friends as Viola and her mom, although my dad and I are pretty close.
I'm completely devastated; I can't believe this is happening. This morning I woke up to find my mom weeping. She pulled me close and sighed, blowing my hair around as she did. When I asked what was wrong she replied that my dad and her had had a fight. From what I heard I t was a huge fight and I can't believe I slept through it. The last part was the worst. My mom whimpered that my dad had left and wasn't coming back. Apparently there was someone else. Boom! There was a pounding in my ears like cannons were going off in my head.
When Vi and I were sitting on the bus, nose sniffling, I told her everything. To my surprise, she put her arm around me, told me everything was going to be all right, and smiled brightly like she use to. At that moment I knew I had my Viola Kate back, just when I needed her most. Like I told you, she's my rock.
I still attend school at West Street, although now I'm a senior. I'm still not normal, but
surprisingly have all A's (my mom decided to take on Viola’s mom’s deal since it seemed to work), I know what you’re thinking but I’m not a nerd. Vi is still the best friend that I would walk to the end of the earth and back for. Viola Kate, back to normal, comes to school every day. Everything is going fine, except I haven't seen my dad since the fight. I keep telling myself that I can't have it all, and if my dad really loves me than he'd come to see me ( my guess is that he's afraid of my mom). My mom and I have become better friends (although she has devoted herself to work). Since Viola and I don't have her mom to take us everywhere, my mom has stepped up to the plate. She says it's the least she could do for us girls and she enjoys the time together. Things could be better, but they aren't and I realize that. After all nothing is perfect.

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