Dear Drive-thru Customers

May 22, 2012
By shoker BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
shoker BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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“What’s my total” or “Hang on let me take my wallet out” is extremely aggravating. The only reason we tell you the total is so you could have your money ready when you come up to the window. Another thing you guys are really good at is asking your little brats what they want to eat, what they want to drink, what kind of SAUCE they want and if they want a boy toy or a girl toy. How ridiculous! Every little thing doesn’t need to be according to your kids and if you want it that way then ask your brats before hand.
Some charmers can't even take 30 seconds to place an order without taking a cell phone call. I can't say how many times I want to take that phone and drop it in the fryer. You guys are the ones who take time giving your order, giving your money and taking your food and then you guys complain about our laziness. Your ears are always glued to the phone and when you guys get your food you sit there checking if every little thing is in the bag or not. Cant you just pull over to the side and check?
One other thing that makes us really happy is when you guys come back saying, “There no fries in this bag,” “My sandwich is missing,” “Can I get a free meal next time since you guys messed up.” NO. I clearly remember my manager handing me the food and I checking it before handing it out so just go home and eat your food.
Its one thing to be a picky eater but put the brakes on unreasonable requests. “ No pickles, no onions, no tomato, add shredded lettuce instead of the leaf lettuce, no mayo but add Mac sauce and light ice in my drink” Are you seriously joking me?? You guys have all these requests so obviously it’s going to take a little longer than usual. And when you guys come up to the window you expect your food to be ready. OBVIOUSLY NOT! I would really enjoy you guys coming, simply placing your order and taking your food without any other distractions.
“Lazy” workers.

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