The Perky Player P

May 21, 2012
By Anonymous

The letter P praises people. She has always played the puppet, but being a pupil she knows she shouldn’t proudly act as a puppet. She is pretty productive when acting this way but her performance, as a person, could be much more promising if she just realized how pointless acting like a puppet is. She may be a prodigy in this act, but she doesn’t plan her prejudice and profanity acts in a promising way. With these acts, she can come off as a pup sometimes. She is puny so a pup doesn’t exactly fit her personality. She’s also pusillanimous, but who would have guessed? She can never promptly plank when she is on the pink court, but she doesn’t care because she thinks planking is pointless. Only punks think planking is pointless. Her hair is long and beautiful, and her eyes are blue like the ocean. Her plain purple dress doesn’t exactly point towards her prejudice personality but sometimes people like to wear pieces of clothing that don’t fit their personality. This is surprising because she plays basketball ball, a physical sport. Her pusillanimous traits are hidden when it is time for basketball. She has so much potential, which is shocking. She has too much pride when she practices. When P is pinned to the pavement, she panics. But after she gets up, she prances around like she’s in a prairie making the sound of a pig, “oink oink!” Most of the time P is productive, I will admit that; but everyone panics sometimes. Her plump little self petrifies the puzzled audience during games. They don’t understand her perplex self when she pummels the opponent to grab the rebound. How does she do it with her 4’5 self? She is portraying the act of being able to do anything, disregarding the odds against her. She paints a perfect portrait against stereotypes. Her many piercings, purple dress, and plump self lead many to believe she is not able to be the star basketball player she is.

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