In the End

May 14, 2008
By Jacob emiry, Clarkston, MI

So I just gave it to him and said “look I know how this looks but I really didn’t mean to have this.”
He looked at me blankly with a coldness to him he said, “Come on we’re going to the office.”
I dreadfully walked down the hall scared out of my mind. “Please hear me out I have never tried to hurt anyone!”
I was a tall blonde who had dreams to make it big in a rock band. My name is Jack Calhoun but you can call me jack jack. I go to Ryker high school in the small town of Ryker Pennsylvania.
My best friend in the whole world was Randy Hershey, yes like the candy and no there is no relation. We have a lot of fun together and were always there for each other. We had met in 7th grade. Randy, who is slightly shorter and wider, had long brown hair that almost touched his shoulders. Together we were the biggest class clowns and every day we had fun and laughed. There has never been a hard feeling between us.
Time went on and we stayed friends and by 10th grade we had a whole group that was just like us. There was Helen, the rambunctious blonde party girl, and Dianne her brown haired alter ego. Both had been best friends ever since I knew them. We also had Kyle the third musketeer to randy and I. He was about my height my size and had the same hair color. And of course Caroline the goof ball. She was short and pale with long black hair and the strangest tom boy style ever. Our group sat together every day in the morning before school started. It was the most fun because we all just loved to hang out and tell jokes. We all could count on one another witch is not something you can always do. These were my best friends it’s too bad every thing was going to fall apart. My grades were not even close to good and I got in trouble a lot. School was good until last October.
By late February my dad’s friend was moving and I was needed to help. So I went over and worked for about 6 hours.
It was kind of fun now that I think about it but anyway we were cleaning out the garage my dad’s friend Stan and I. When we came upon a knife. It was a short folding knife not very sharp and looked old. It had a black handle where the blade rested and there was a button you pushed for it to fold. He tossed it to me and said,
“You want it” he asked.
“Sure” I said with out a second thought. I had never had a knife before and was kind of excited about it. My little brother Jordan was in love with things of this nature but not me. I then used it to open boxes from the move. All in all this took almost a week and I would go over there after school everyday. One night as I was preparing my clothing I would were to work in. I though well why not grab the knife now, big mistake. I woke up the next morning groggy as usual and grabbed a set of clothing and my brother’s ipod then off I went.
I got to school and was having a good day just like I had been for weeks. Around second hour I went to the bathroom and as I was standing at the urinal I had noticed my Ipod was in one pocket and something else in the other. I think I was able to feel this because my pants were at a different angle than before. I pondered on this I figured “it must be batteries for my calculator or maybe I had separated the case from the Ipod” regardless it didn’t faze me as to what it really was. To be honest I didn’t care. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the mystery object. It was the knife.
“How could I be so dumb, I brought a knife to school?” Well the funny thing about it was the fact that a teacher was standing behind me and I didn’t know it.
After the shock I had he asked me “what do you have there in your hand” at that moment I had a flash. I knew how this looked but how could I explain that to him he is a teacher he would understand. My next thought was well don’t hide it or try and conceal it that would only make it worse.
So I just gave it to him and said “look I know how this looks but I really didn’t mean to have this knife.”
He looked at me blankly with a coldness to him he said, “Come on we’re going to the office.”
I dreadfully walked down the hall scared out of my mind. “Please hear me out I have never tried to hurt anyone!”
We got there and I waited for what seemed like an eternity then finally the assistant principle came out and sat with me. She said “by law I will have to expel you or anyone with a deadly weapon even if they didn’t hurt or threaten anyone else. I know you’re a good kid jack but this is how it has to be.” In my case a knife over 3 inches is expulsion and my knife was close to three and a half inches long. So less than a half-inch and some intense stupidity got me kicked out of school for at least 180 school days not only that but I also had to go to court on criminal trial. Talk about down hill. I left school popular, grades finally up, and I was about to ask the girl I liked out on a date.
I went home and was under even harder grounding “yeah I didn’t think it was possible ether.” I went to court and was sentenced 50 hours of community service and 6 months of probation. Also I could not get in any trouble with the law or I would be put in a juvenile detention area. After about 3 months of sitting in my room with no TV computer or even much contact with friends I started working for my dad free of charge. In exchange I got to be somewhat ungrounded so I could see my friend’s that is all. I started to like Caroline a lot. I had wanted to ask her out but did not have the courage. I waited and only liked her more and it seemed like maybe she liked me too. Eventually the day came when I was going to ask her out. It started just like any other. My plan was to wait until lunch to talk to her one on one. As we approached her class my heart raced and my palms got sweaty. I tried to say something any thing but works wouldn’t come out. Luckily she broke the silence.
“Jack can I tell you something?” She said softly touching her long dark hair.
“Go ahead”
“Well I kind of like someone and I don’t know what to do.”
A smile came across my face as I expected the best. “Well do I know him?” I knew it was me I just wanted to play dumb.
“Yeah” she said. A strange look came across her face.
“Ok well does he like you?” I replied not showing any sing of excitement.
Slowly she said “well I am not sure. You see, cause’… I think he likes me but I just can’t be sure.”
I excitedly answered with “well you need to tell him you never know how it may work out so just tell him” a sign of relief came over her face as she looked to the ground. I thought to myself this is it the perfect time but my nerves wouldn’t let me.
I did how ever manage to peep out a mutter of a sentence “Who is this guy any way.”
“Evan” she whispered, my heart sank.
Days turned into weeks and weeks to months. In late January I went to a party and met Erin Dautry. She was so beautiful like an angel. I just couldn’t get over her. I finally got up the courage to ask her out. Short and beautiful she had every thing. I don’t think what I had had felt about Caroline was the same because I couldn’t stop thinking about her, all day and night. Erin called me every day at exactly four o’clock.
“Hey what’s up, I just wanted to call you” were the words I waited for all day. Our conversations were never all that deep just simple things I never thought about.
After much deliberation I decided that I would ask her out. I thought “after all how much worse could it get.” Over the phone I nervously brought my self to say the words. I was so scared of being let down again. I had to detach myself from this and just do it. The words crept out “
Erin I really like you and I think we have a lot in common so would you like to be my girlfriend” as a long pause would only worry me more she said
“Sure that would be great.” The down side to this was the fact that I was still grounded. Finally after four days I convinced my dad to unground me. The phone rang and excitement raced though out my body. I quickly answered
She replied with “what’s up”
“Nothing I do have something important to tell you”
“I have something to tell you too”
“You go first” I said smiling about being ungrounded.
“Well, I want to break up” she said to me.
“Why?” I remarked.
“Because you’re grounded and I don’t know when you won’t be plus I kissed another guy.” My heart sank just like before only worse. I was speechless. “Do you want to know what we did?” she said in a shy voice.
I said “no why would I” softly she asked “what did you want to tell me?”
I didn’t respond I just said “nothing, I guess I’ll see ya around.”
A week went by I didn’t talk to her very much. I was extremely upset. Finally I talked to her and we worked it out. One day after a long movie, Spiderman 3, I believe, we inched our way home. As we pulled up to my house I reached over grabbed her face and brought it to mine. Our lips slowly touched and we kissed only for a second.
I stopped and looked down at the floor and as I looked up I shyly asked her “will you be my girlfriend”
With a cute glance she leaned over to me and said “I’d love to be”. We have been together ever since. So you see life is full of highs and lows but everything seems to work it self out in the end.

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