Just an observation of the unscrupulous mind.

May 20, 2012
By MynameisMesa GOLD, Eyota, Minnesota
MynameisMesa GOLD, Eyota, Minnesota
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Over time, I have found that the human race starts out pure and wholesome as children (at least in my opinion). But over time their mind inevitably grows unscrupulous and the “think before you act” aspect fades away. People, at least the most fortunate ones, can overcome their ‘fundamental darkness’ and progress in living a lavish life. However, they will always have a deviant side to them, whether they are aware of it or not. And no matter how persistent they are in their trials, they will make mistakes throughout the course of their lives. The person, who committed the mistake, at least at the time, suffers from the consequences of their actions; whether they are good or bad. Either way, the actions are done and the wrong doer’s brain seems to be wired to relive the moment of their faults, over and over again. “You should have made a better decision,” our brains say to us. Over the course of our lives, our minds grow weary of enforcing guilt upon us, and they move on slowly, but surely. That is, until the person makes another unfortunate decision, only to judge themselves on their own indecencies once again. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “vicious cycle”, although it seems to be. But more of an aspect of life where people momentarily slip away from who they are, only to be left with who they’ve become.

The author's comments:
This is just an observation I made. It's not factual, but it does seem to be how our minds work. So in a sense, it is fiction and non-fiction. Another thing I decided to jot down in class.

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