I AM THAT I AM part 3

May 16, 2012
A voice spoke to Aundrei in her sleep. “Faithful Sister Aundreietta, do not be afraid. I bring a message from our Lord God on High. Your devotion to your faith has paid off. You have been chosen by Him to build a magnificent cathedral and show the humans that everything that lives and breathes worships Him. Build the cathedral out of wood and stone, and make its tallest tower three feet high. The Lord is counting on you.”

Aundrei awoke with a gasp. “I will follow the Lord’s orders no matter what.” She said to herself. Joshua was already awake and was preparing a bouquet of dried grasses and herbs for breakfast. “Would you like some spearmint?” he asked, through a mouthful of the stuff. “No, thank you. Plants don’t agree with my stomach.” Aundrei replied. “I will go hunting a little later.”
“Are you all right this morning? You look stressed.”
“I had a weird dream last night. An angel appeared and told me to build a cathedral.”
“That’s a strange dream. What’s a cathedral?”
“A cathedral is a large and usually ornate church where certain special events take place.”
“Have you ever been to one before?” asked the cricket.
“Yes. Once.”
“What was it like?”
“Scary. I almost got stepped on.”
“Speaking of humans; is that what one looks like?”
Joshua pointed in the air behind Aundrei, and she glanced over her shoulder. “AAAUGHH!!!” she screamed in surprise. A toddler had wandered into the grass where the two were camped out. “Bug”, it said in a booming voice, and before Joshua could react, the kid had scooped up Aundrei and began squeezing the breath out of her. “Help— Aundrei started to scream, but her cry was cut short by the ever-tightening grip of the toddler. Joshua climbed up onto the gigantic hand and chomped down on the child’s wrist. The toddler screamed and dropped Aundrei before crawling away crying “Mommy!” Little did the two insects know that this was only the beginning of their troubles.

To be continued…

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