My Hell

May 16, 2012
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H*ll, the devil, Satan, Lucifer, demons, torture. That is what defines my life. I am stuck here in the river Styx. Brought here by Lucifer herself. I don’t know how god failed me. How he left me for Lucifer’s twisted world. She lets me be in the river Styx, but she speaks of bringing me lower into h*ll when I did nothing wrong. I remember the night that I was brought into limbo, the first ring of h*ll. It was raining; I just got off of work. I was a cop. The sheriff.
I had a terrible day. My wife leaving me, my children with her, my job at risk, three of my men shot, and thirteen gun toting hip gangster wannabes killed by me. We got a call about a domestic dispute on Pacific court. We rolled up and knocked on the door, we were answered by a full out flood of live rounds. I retreated back to my cruiser and pulled out my 44. Magnum and grabbed my 357. Magnum. I crouched behind the car and shot at all the flashes of the rounds coming out of the house. While my men tried to make it back to their cruisers, they were shot dead the second they moved. I emptied my revolver into the flashes and reloaded, but there were no rounds to reload.
I grabbed the 357. And kept shooting, till there were no more flashes, I counted that I shot 12 shots and I had one more left in the 357. I went into the house and searched it. I had the whole house cleared till the last room. This kid jumped me, I shot, but missed. My training in the Marines kicked in. I jabbed at the kid’s stomach and he fell to the ground, I took his gun and shot him when he reached for one of the shotguns on the wall. He howled in pain, I stood there, almost smiling, as I smashed his windpipe with my boot, then watched as he bled out, laughing manically, but I didn’t know why.
I radioed for back up. Backup came and I left the place to go to the diner, even though I had to stay on scene of the dispute. I entered a diner and ordered a coffee. The waitress was nowhere in site after that. Nobody was in the diner except for me and this woman. She approached me. “I know what you just did.” She said with a sly look on her face. “Oh Yeah? What did I just do?” I asked. “You just shot thirteen people. Maybe more. You enjoyed it, I know because I am you.” She said. “Oh really? You’re me? You think I enjoyed it?” he said as he realized he smiled while shooting the last kid and hid my surprise. “Yes, I know you did, I know everything about you. I am you.” She said smiling.
“Explain how you are me.” I demanded. “Oh why it’s quite easy to see. Have you not noticed that there is no one else her except for me and you? How I know you killed all those kids while smiling while your men died. How you are supposed to be at the crime scene, how your wife is leav…” “Enough!” I yelled. “Very well.” She replied amused. “Have you been following me and my family?” I asked her. “No I told you that I am you.” She simply said. “Again with this bull? You really expect me to think you are me?” I Asked. “No I never said you had to believe it. You can believe what you want to. But answer me this question. Do you believe in God? She asked with a terrifying look in her eyes.
“Yes and No, I have nothing against God, I just can’t stand Christianity. It’s pointless, I mean, it says in the bible that Jesus was Gods only son. I thought we were all the children of God. It says that Cain killed Able and went to another land and got married. But I thought that Adam and Eve and Cain and Able were the only people on earth.” It says in the Ten Commandments, thou shalt not kill. But the Old Testament is filled with murder and killing. Revelations is filled with the apocalypse. If Jesus needed God to prove he was real by performing miracles, then what was the point of Jesus?
If God created man in his own image, then God must be a two faced person. I mean it’s just there are so many loop holes that can be found. The so called miracles that god preformed are interesting. I was shot, and brought back to life, forced to live in this h*ll world. It tells me that God has a twisted sense of humor.” He explained. “You don’t know the meaning of h*ll” She said. “Now look out the window. See that car over there. Its mine. I want you to do me a favor. Come take a ride with me.” Some how the next thing I know I am in the car and she’s looking at me.
“My name is Lucifer and I am here to bring you to h*ll.” Was all she said. And I didn’t fight back.

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