The Girl and God

May 5, 2008
By Lauren Rasch, Orland Park, IL

A girl had a sit down with God today. She was young and lively with dark blonde hair that gently but never perfectly tumbled to her shoulders. Her eyes were like the inside of a rock, you know the ones where you can crack them open and see the crystal inside. Her friend had once told her that, while having a heart to heart to heart on the morning bus ride while half asleep,. Even so, it meant a lot to her. She was not in anyway a model; she was no where near tall enough or skinny enough. But she had a natural beauty to her that even she had to admit, she liked. She shined.

Sitting down, most of these things, these masks, faded. You could see her for what she was truly was. Still, she was pretty but now she was faded and worn, like a favorite pair of jeans; her glow was lost. God had seen through her hard outer shell. No one really new what was underneath until now. She, herself, might have even been surprised if she had been given a mirror. Those crystals eyes had lost most of their sparkle. Underneath those pretty eyes, there were faint bags from fatigue. You could see now, that her arms were speckled with small scabs and uneven color blotches of skin. Her mother once told her it look as if she had leprosy. God looked into her eyes and saw her pain, the pain of what she had gone through and what was to come. In her eyes, he saw three long years of pain.

“I’m losing hope,” the girl said finally, looking down at her slender fingernails. “I don’t know what to believe in anymore.”

He never gave it a thought. “Believe in me.”

Lifting her head, she met his gaze. “It’s just so hard these days.”

“I know.”

“I don’t understand anything anymore. My life is supposed to be charmed… at least that’s what it used to be.”

He nodded his head.

“I don’t think I can handle any of this anymore: the divorce, my mom’s cancer, mom and Megan constantly at each other’s throats, my dad…” She paused to think. Pushing back tears, she blinked. “My dad…”

It was at that moment that God put his hand on the girl’s. The poor girl just couldn’t take it more and burst out into tears, crossing her arms and laying her head on the table that stood between herself and God. “I can’t take it,” she said tears flowing from her face on to the table. “I can’t take leaving my house. I can’t take being a divorce child. I can’t take having my dad arrested again.” She lifted her tear stained face to look at him. “Can you imagine how I can possibly cope with seeing the image of my father, handcuffed, being lead out my own front door? That will haunt me until the day I die!” Her blonde head of hair went down again. She continued from within her arms. “And on top of that both of my parents expect me to be a perfect, straight A student, as always, along with dealing with the harsh cruelties of being a girl teenager. Why do they expect so much out of me?”

“Because they know you can do it.” The girl lifted her head. God looked her into the eye. She began to comprehend. After a while in the silence, the girl took a hand and wiped a stale tear. “Why did you plan this cruel life for me?” She asked meekly.

“Because I know you will learn from it. I know that you will make yourself stronger because of it. I know that you will make something of yourself through tough times.”

The girl kinked her eyebrows. “But, what about all of my dreams? What of my dream of becoming an author?”

“I know you will take the pain that you hold inside and mold it into sheer determination. With that, you will accomplish any dream you have. Anything is possible, though.”

The girl was obviously frustrated. “How can you say that? You’re God!”

God took both of the girl’s hands in his own, although she didn’t want to and turned her cheek. “I cannot do everything for you. True, I have a plan for you but I cannot tell you how to think and how to act. I can merely give you choices and try to lead you to the choice which is best. You, yourself, must make your own choices; I can’t for you. Those choices will determine your future. Not I.”

The girl finally understood. She nodded her head.

A girl had a sit down with God today. It changed everything.

I certify that the above work is completely original.

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readergirl94 said...
on Aug. 12 2008 at 10:27 pm
This is amazing! it almost makes me want to cry with what the girl is going through. she is very brave

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