All I Need

May 15, 2012
By greatlele BRONZE, Kent, Washington
greatlele BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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My girlfriend, Alyssa and I were in the Comfort Inn hotel room. The hotel was located in Philadelphia. We were sitting on the bed talking about how I could become famous. Then we went out to the hotel pool to join our other friends. Our friend’s names are Marionna, Jacob, Jordyn, Randy, Trey and Akila.

I have a Mohawk with blonde on the top of it, I have a milk chocolate skin tone, and people say that I have dreamy brown eyes. What is most important to me is my girlfriend and getting signed to a contract. One thing I hate is disappointing people that I love.

The first time I started singing and dancing I knew that I wanted to be a star. I knew that I was very talented and my girlfriend knew it too. Ever since I discovered my talent I wanted to become famous. So I posted videos of myself dancing on YouTube and hopefully someone finds me and makes me famous.

My enemy’s name is Josiah. The most important thing to him is getting what he wants. If he does not get what he wants he will throw a fit until he gets whatever he wants. Josiah is dark skinned, he has a fade, and he has hazel eyes. One of his secrets is that he puts chicken fat in his hair. He is scared of midgets (I think that that is unusual). One thing he is good at is getting what he wants.

First, he’s going to try to make her leave me to date him. Second, she says no, so he gets angry. Next, Alyssa comes to me and tells me what he tried to do. Finally, I walk up to him and tell him he needs to back off of my girl and I walk away.

The next day I was taking a walk and I see Josiah talking to Alyssa. I thought that I made it clear yesterday that he needs to back off my girlfriend. Clearly he did not get my message. So I walked up to him and said, “I thought that I told you yesterday to back off my girl.” Josiah said, “No body controls what I do. I do whatever I want to do and you or anybody else can’t do anything about it.” And out of nowhere I punched him in the nose. I blacked out. During the fight I could not see anything. I was thinking, “What did I just do? I could lose the most important thing in my life. I have no one else she is the only one I have.” All I could hear was Alyssa screaming, “Stop it! Stop it!” the fight was over. I lost but the only reason I got in that fight is because I did not want to lose her. At the end of the day I did not lose the one person I love, Alyssa. We stayed together and she kept pushing me to make my dreams come true.

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