Tears danced tango

May 19, 2012
By Ekatto BRONZE, Tbilisi, Other
Ekatto BRONZE, Tbilisi, Other
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It was raining...The silence made the clash of raindrops sound like canon balls shot to sink the enemies ship. She was going to sink too. Actually deep down inside she had already sunk. Drowned with melancholy and pain, she stood at the edge of the bridge. She was drunk with her own tears, tears that met the rain and danced a passionate tango until the ground devoured them and the sorrow they carried. The voice in her head urged her as hard as it could:
-Go on. Take a step and it all will end. The water will wash away all your worries, you'll finally be free. The feeling of loneliness will disappear when death embraces you with its cold, dark hands and draws you close to its frozen heart. You'll no longer have to feel your heart torn into pieces. No one will even rip it apart anymore, rip a heart burning for love which so cruelly destroyed your world.
...she believed every single word her struggled little mind had said. And with a sorry sigh she made the fatal step leading to cold darkness and unknown emptiness. The frozen water swallowed her shivering body and burdened soul. She sunk into aqua blue eternity. As water was filling her lungs and she was counting her bleeding heart's hast beats...she thought: but was it really worth it?...

The author's comments:
every person goes through multiple phases in their lives...i underwent a quite hard time for me, a time of loneliness and the feeling of betrayal. This sort short story, or whatsoever, is dedicated to my friend with whom, and because of whom i had to go through the roughest time in my life. I honestly don't regret anything at all from my past hard experiences. It taught me so much and most importantly the value of asking if its worth it. I sincerely hope that someone will feel a relief after reading this, it really is a tiny piece of my hart. I survived my roughest moments, and I am O.K. I wish you all to survive yours.

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