May 15, 2012
By Anonymous

The boat drops her off at the dock and she waves goodbye. Ahead of her is an empty path in the woods. She takes the path unaware of where it may lead her. The trees whisper sweet sounds into her mind. She hums her favorite tune while shuffling her feet against the dirt. The wind can’t stay still, like a child at recess, and it causes her hair to be an octopus upon her head.
There is something in the distance and she quickens her pace. As if pieces of clouds fall right from the sky, snow now covers the ground. They run past her too swiftly for her to see how beautiful they are. It’s a mother polar bear and her cub playing in the snow. But she is scared and she hides in the snow to watch their innocence.
It’s a cabin and the smoke from the chimney is dark as the night sky. He’s there waiting for her and she walks into his open arms. His lips placed gently upon her forehead before her eyes open. It’s morning and he is gone.

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