Fallen Angel

May 18, 2012
By Zebralovers BRONZE, Belle, West Virginia
Zebralovers BRONZE, Belle, West Virginia
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Fallen Angel

By:Rose T
Chapter 1:Memories
Surrounded by black darkness, I'm fallling. Falling from higher than the heavens. As day breaks, I land on the soft forest floor.
Startled at what had just happened, I open my eyes to reveal to myself the familair darkness my room is. The bed is covered in dew as I look over to find my once-closed window wide open. Still not fully awake, I stumble over to my window and lower my body onto the window sill gripping the window for safety.Sitting in my little seat that I made for myself throughout the years, I hang my scrawny leg out onto the side of my house.
Glasses breaking, voices yelling I wonder what is happening. No, I don't wonder. I know. Mommy and daddy are fighting again. For the first time, I innocently walk out into the main room where they were. Why was Daddy yelling at me? The sharp pain of his fist against my face shocks me. Frozen in fear, I am slammed into the wall and am punched and slapped. Pinning me to the wall Daddy gets a knife off the counter and puts it up to my neck. He is going to kill me. Mommy starts yelling at him and stabs her and she falls down to the floor. My silent screams to my gentle mother are useless for I know she can't hear me and will never wake up. With angry banging steps, my dad turns to the door to leave me alone with my dieing mother. Being released, I fall to the floor with a thumping noise.Hearing me fall, he turns around and starts kicking me until I'm bleeding all over leaving me for dead he runs out the door.

A stone thrown at me from by a distant person keeps me from crying myself into death right there. Seeing the young boy who thrown the rock, I jump down to greet him.
"Hey, I've seen you around before. What's your name?" my quiet voice called into the dark night to him.
"Hi, I've seen you to. Your names Anastasia, correct?'' He sheepishly replies.
''How do you know who I am? Who are you for that matter.'' I nervously ask.
''I am Drake and it's my job to know who you are.'' he smirks, closing in the gap by taking another step closer. Through the low light of the moon, I could see the necessity of me trusting him in his beautiful blue eyes.
“Come with me, please. I need to show you something.” He said so familairly. Then it hit me, I knew him, truly knew him.
A smothering hot summer day in Texas and a young teenage girl in a tire swing is being pushed by a boy her age over a river. They are laughing and giggling at nothing.
“Please.’’ He begs.
“Why should I?” I ask.
“Please, don’t be difficult.” He pleads, reaching out his hand to me. Hesitantly, I reach out and lay my hand delicately onto his. Gently, his soft pull leads me down to the river.
Chapter 2: New beginnings
Barefoot footprints left behind us in the sand. Leaning against an old oak tree, I realize that I have no recollection of these memories.

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