Star-crossed Lovers

January 4, 2008
By Stephanie Myers, Macon, IL

Taylor and Drew were walking home one day when they were twelve and that’s when she knew. She knew she loved him. Unfortunately, Taylor was the girl everyone thought of as only a friend, but not Drew. He also knew at that moment she was it. They were both really shy. So they grew up together thinking the other one only liked the other as a friend. They gradually grew up, still secretly liking each other.
Soon they got into high school, and Taylor had to tell Drew something terrible. “Drew, my dad got a new job in Texas. He told me we are moving at the end of the month. I’ll miss you, but since you’re such a good friend, I know we’ll keep in touch,” she told him.
Drew was speechless. He didn’t know what to say, but finally said, “You’re right, Taylor. We are best friends and I’ll never forget you. Of course we’ll stay in touch.” At the end of the month she moved. Both of their hearts were broken, but they never showed it.
For awhile they kept in touch, sending texts and e-mailing. Eventually they grew apart. Drew met a new girl named Mandy. This time he knew he wasn’t going to be shy, and he was going to ask Mandy out.
The two dated the rest of their junior and senior year. They were completely in love. He knew he wanted to marry her. He thought they would wait until after their first year of college to make sure that she was the one. They both went to MSU. The first day at his orientation he saw Taylor. When Taylor saw him, her heart stopped. After a moment’s hesitation Drew walked over and gave her a big hug. “Taylor,” he exclaimed, “I had no idea you went to school here. Maybe we can…” Then Mandy walked in and grabbed Drew’s hand; Taylor’s heart was broken. She had waited three years, knowing that one day they would be together.
Taylor decided she was going to get Drew back. She did all she could to get close to him again. She baked him muffins for breakfast and helped him with his classes since he wasn’t as bright as her. Drew never noticed Taylor’s flirting, but Mandy did. She was livid. One day Mandy came home and saw them studying together. Neither one even noticed her.
Upset with what she saw, she cheated on Drew with Taylor’s brother Matt. Taylor found out and tried to tell Drew, but he didn’t believe her. He got furious with her and told Mandy what Taylor was accusing her of. Mandy completely denied all accusations. Even though he still loved Taylor, Drew asked Mandy to marry him because Taylor had never told him how she felt and he felt betrayed by her accusations about Mandy. Mandy, of course, said, “Yes!” and started to regret what she had done. However she kept quiet about her time with Matt.
Finally Taylor wrote a note to Drew. She wrote, “Drew, I just have to tell you that you are the one for me, have always been the one for me, and will always be the one for me. I know you don’t feel the same way because you are marrying Mandy, but I just had to tell you before I leave. I also want you to know that I didn’t lie to you about Mandy. I would never purposely hurt you like that. Love, Taylor”. The next day she packed her stuff and mailed her letter to Drew; she got a plane ticket to Seattle and left that night.
The next day Drew received her letter. He knew he needed to ask Mandy again. That night he invited Mandy over for dinner and a movie. When she arrived, they ate dinner. She could tell something was wrong so she brought up the wedding. Drew said, “There isn’t going to be a wedding if you don’t tell me the truth about you and Matt.”
Mandy burst into tears and told him everything. “I’m so sorry Drew. When I saw you and Taylor studying together, I jumped to the wrong conclusion and thought you were cheating on me. I promise it didn’t mean anything to me when I was with Matt. I just wanted to get back at you. How can you ever forgive me!” The whole time, all he could think about was how he had lost his best friend and his true love because he hadn’t believed her.
He sent Mandy away, a single girl. The next day he called Taylor’s apartment. When she didn’t answer, he went to see her, and her roommate told him she had already left for Seattle. For a month he did everything he could think of to get Taylor back. Finally he decided she was gone and he needed to move on, but before he did, he sent her one last letter. “Taylor,” he began, “I should have told you about my feelings for you years ago. It’s a decision I’ll regret the rest of my life. I know I blew my chance with you. I’ll never, ever forget you. I promise I won’t bother you again. All I want and all I have ever wanted is for you to be happy. I’m moving on so that you can, too. Love Drew”.

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