A Dream?

January 1, 2008
A Dream?
(Written from viewpoint of a teenage boy.)

The night’s thick air made every movement sluggish and deliberate, my feet entangled in annoying white sheets. If damp air were the reason for my sleeps' intangibility tonight, what excuse would I use tomorrow?
I feel claustrophobic in my bed, and sleep makes me helpless. My palm sticks to the glass doorknob, and the cracks in the cement seem like they'll never dry from the storm. I really can’t even trust the street lamps these days, they're only company until they reluctantly flicker into the dawn.
I still have hours left when I notice an umbrella that lies abandoned in a gutter, slightly faded intricate flowers indicated it was a girl’s. I pray it was a girl with class. I sit trying to avoid puddles and I imagine the girl leaving a quiet party where she was gracious, indifferent, out of place.
Walking to a third floor apartment, barely noticing the rain. She was thinking synthetic thoughts wondering where she was going. Looking past the lace trim attached to her only refuge from the downpour, a boy with soaked clothing stood in the middle of the street, staring at her in splendor.
Embarrassed, she blushed and pulled at the thin wet dress clinging to her leg. She wondered what was wrong with his eyes, they seemed tied to her. There they stood gazing at each other. Through the few feet, and millions of droplets that separated them. In this instant this girl dropped her umbrella, she certainly let go, now staring at this boy, she herself she began to laugh.
At first the boy became confused. Was it at him? Was she frightened? But she was smiling. In any other instance with any other two people this would have just added to his bewilderment, but he began to laugh with her. Their laughter became louder, and their bodies became closer.
Without letting one minute slip away the girl and the boy were entwined in the most authentic embrace either of them had ever experienced. Still complete strangers, still mutually lost. The girl pulled the boy closer pressing her face against his collarbone she began to cry. She cried of the time wasted alone. She cried because it was possible to know everything about a boy whom she never spoke one word to.
Without hesitation, he began to cry as well, he realized she led the same dull life he did. He cried for every life that has ever been wasted. It stopped raining, it seemed like they held each other for hours. Simultaneously, but with continually absent words they pulled away. There was no awkward tapping at each other’s thighs.
They simply reached for each other’s hands; this time with eyes unglazed they watched the sky like a canvas, and the sun like an artist. They watched all the colors they would ever see fight to color the sky into the ever-dominant blue; they appreciated every color they saw.
Hands still joined they walked like one person, toward the sun. Maybe they were going to the ocean, maybe they were going to the stars. They only stopped once on their way. The boy leaned over and put his lips an inch away from the girl’s ear, his nose touched her damp skin, and he whispered,
“I’ve been looking for you” and the girl replied, “You were just in time.” Neither of them knew what would've happened if she let herself unlock the door to that lifeless apartment once more.
They exchanged a small kiss. And together they whispered I love you. There was a large crack of thunder and I sat straight up. My heart broke as I realized it was a dream, but how could it be possible to have a dream so beautiful? I stood up in the middle of the street because apparently it had started raining again and my clothing was soaked.
There were no lights on anywhere anymore. That is until a single door opened and light poured onto the street. A girl came out of this house; she put up an umbrella and began walking toward me. She was so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off her for one second.
She didn't notice me at the time but she came closer and closer as time seemed to slow to a complete stop, until she was a couple feet away. She gazed up from her umbrella, and I’m not sure if there is something wrong with my eyes right now but all I can see is this girl.

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