The Wall

December 5, 2007
By chad korodaj, Littleton, CO

They came to the giant wall not knowing what was on the other side of the wall for sure or what was in store for them. All they did know was that on the other side lies a new beginning, opportunity and a life of financial security for their families. The border patrol was not far behind them for they had barley eluded them not long ago. Knowing that the cameras were scanning the area they very quickly threw their ladder up and started climbing up. The first one up the ladder was a teenager about seventeen years old, then his mother then the father. After them two more men, family friends fallowed up the ladder quickly. They jumped down and landed on the other side. Nothing looked different, all the landscape was the same and the hot sun was still beating down on them, although they all had a feeling of surety and hopefulness. But as soon as the feeling had come over them it came to a screeching holt as they heard the border patrol yelling at them to stop. The Border Patrol was about two hundred yards away from them. The two men started running, and the mom told her son to go with the men and her and her father would try and get over there another time and meet up with him. The son was puzzled and in tears and said “what if I never see you again mom”? the mom quickly answered and said “no matter how many times they catch us, we will try again to be with you. If we don’t make it then you will have the opportunity that we never had, Richard and Miguel will take care of you. NOW GO!” The son still confused and saddened kissed his parents and took off with the other two men. As they ran off into the land on the other side of the wall they got further and further away from the Patrollers they started to think that they had gotten away and closer to freedom until the teenager was blindsided like a helpless quarterback waiting in the pocket for a receiver to get open. The kid was completely shocked and had the wind knocked out of him. The other two men were tackled and cuffed up as well. They got thrown into the back of a white van. The son sat there in tears. He was thinking about the chance they could have had, now they have to go back the same grind of barley making enough to survive.
A few weeks later they decided to give it another shot. They stood there looking at the giant again, the wall. Getting over the wall and being able to stay on the other side, meant prosperity and the assurance of being financially secure. The wall was a step, a step closer to freedom and prosperity. They had a quick prayer set up the new ladder, climbed up and hopped onto the other side. This time there was no border patrol to be seen, they knew this was their chance and going to be their best chance. They all had that feeling again but they were more careful this time and started to run. They did not get their hopes up so quickly again so they could be shattered again. The kid knew the further they ran away from the wall the closer they got to towards security, the happier he became. He looked over at his family and the two friends and saw the looks on their faces. The look of what he was feeling inside, expressed on every one of their faces. They kept running faster than any of them had ever run before. The son looked back and could not even make out the wall in the distance. He smiled and never looked back.

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