The Little Dandelion Seed-Maker

May 17, 2012
By Alyx Olney BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
Alyx Olney BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
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There was a garden in town, where all of the most beautiful, amazing flowers live. Everyone went there to look at them, and everyone wanted to take them home. In that garden, hidden in a corner away from the sight of viewers, lived a little dandelion seed maker (you know, the ones that have the puffy top that blow the seeds everywhere). The little dandelion wanted so badly to be with all of the pretty flowers, the ones that everyone looked at and wanted to take home, but none of the older, prettier flowers would allow it.

One day, the little dandelion decided to stop listening to all of the other flowers, and ventured out into the garden where everyone could see her. Immediately, one of the other flowers, a very grouchy tulip, told the little dandelion that she needed to leave.

“But why can’t I stay in the garden?” asked the little dandelion.

“Because the garden is for flowers, and you are a WEED.” Complained the grouchy tulip.

“But why do you have to be a flower to be in the garden?” asked the little dandelion.

“Because people want flowers, and nobody wants you” chimed in a grumpy daisy.

“Because flowers are pretty and you are…not” added the grouchy tulip.

“Duh” they said together.

The little dandelion sniffled and started to walk away, but before she got anywhere, a little girl’s hand picked her up. From above them the flowers heard a little voice say, “Mommy! Look at the pretty flower! I want it! Can I keep it mommy? Please?”

The author's comments:
This piece was originally made to be a children's story. Also, the reason it's named The Little Dandelion Seed-Maker instead of The Little Dandelion is because my friend insisted that the picture I drew for the original wasn't a dandelion, but a dandelion seed-maker.

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