Abandoned house

May 17, 2012
By Anonymous

The day started off like any other Monday would. The normal morning routine of waking up late and my sister yelling at me to hurry up or she would leave me. Just an average day at school. Went home with the same carpool as I do every day. Then it was off to soccer practice. Just like most days my dad would get caught up at work and be late picking me up from soccer. None of this was out of the ordinary, but this time I let my curiosity get the best of me. You see, I have been playing soccer here for four years and I have always noticed the abandoned house hidden by the trees in the back of the park, but I was always to scared to go check it out alone. This time I decided to go explore this abandoned house. At the time I had no idea that this decision would change my life.

As I walked up to the house I found the front door locked but then I walked around and found the back door wide open. I walked in and at first noticed nothing that seemed out of place, but then I saw a digital camera laying on an old couch. Of course I go over to look at it. I turn the camera on, and I am surprised to find that the camera had a full battery. Then suddenly I am overcome with fear. I flip through picture after picture of me and family: pictures of me at practice, on the way to school with my sister and my little brother in the backseat, and my mom walking the dog in our neighborhood. As I glance up trying to comprehend what this means, why there are pictures of my family and I on this camera in this abandoned house, and what I should do about it, I catch a glimpse of a picture of my dad on the wall in another room. I immediately run in there, and I am stunned to find pictures of my whole family up on the wall with our day- to- day schedule written on sticky notes stuck on the wall by the pictures.

They know my family's entire schedule in full detail. They know what time I leave for school, who I ride with, what kind of car I am in, and even the license plate number. They know what route I take to school, what time I arrive at school, what time I have lunch, what time I get out of school, and who I ride home with. They know what time my mom wakes up in the morning, when she walks the dog, and where exactly she walks the dog. They know where my little brother goes to school, what time he gets out, and the route he walks home everyday. They know that my older sister has volleyball practice right after school and then she drives herself to her boyfriend's house and eats dinner with their family every day. They know that my dad is a police officer. They what time his shifts start and end. They know everything. More importantly, why did they know all this and who are they?

As far as who it is: I have no idea, but why they have this information I know the answer. They are plotting to kill my family. I found a folder with every detail of how they were going to abduct and kill me and my family. The plan was to abduct my dad first and take his police car and uniform. The police car and uniform was essential for the rest of their plan. Next was my mom. They planned to drive up to her while she is walking the dog and warn her about recent robberies in the area then abduct her. Then to abduct my brother they were going to lure him into the police car by saying they were friends with my dad and that my dad had asked him to give him a ride home. I thought to myself that would not be hard he is a gullible eight year old. Next on the list was my sister. They plotted to pull her over on her way to her boyfriend's house after her volleyball practice for speeding and then they would abduct her. I was last on the list. I was to be abducted after soccer practice. They knew no one would be there to pick me up so I would be sitting alone waiting for my dad who would never come. The weirdest part is that they would take us all back to the abandoned house and kill us later. Why would they do this? How could I stop this? Can I just go home and tell my parents that I found an abandoned house with pictures of us all over and a plot to kill us? No, I thought to myself, they would never believe me. It is up to me to save my family, and I do not know what to do.

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