The Basement

May 17, 2012
By lbc96 BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
lbc96 BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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Fear feels every crevice of your body as you realize that you have to go down there to that dreadful place. Standing up, you make your to the door that leads down the stairs to yet another door so that if the first door closes no one can hear your pleads for help. You open the door ever so slowly as you remember that horrid night that it happened. Shaking away those thoughts of dread and despair away you make your way down the stair even slower than opening the door behind you. So slow as to make every step last forever making it near impossible that you have to open the door that is growing rapidly bigger with every step. But sadly time is not on your side and in no time you come face to face with the door that reveals a place so frightening that the devil himself would hesitate to go inside. As you reach for the door knob you take in the as a whole with it rotting wood towards the bottom and the deep cracks in the middle that split due to extreme force of someone trying their absolute hardest to get out. Your hand touches the door knob and much to your dismay the events of that start to unfold before you.

Screams feel the atmosphere around you as one by one you watch you family being taken from you by this, this thing so hideous that its appearance would send shivers down the spine of Hades himself. As it comes for you finishing off the last of you family members you fully take in its appearance. Deep set eyes the color of pure darkness all throughout but in the dead center where it is the color of blood, the color that you will see all too soon. Below the eyes are a long pointed nose followed by a huge gaping mouth with long dagger like teeth jutting out in all directions covered in blood, making it even harder to look at it without screaming your lungs out. You are so taken back by its appearance that you don’t realize it is dragging you to the place no living human being wants to go.

You are bolted up out of sleep as you realize that you are nowhere close to that door that leads to that place it was all just a dream. Sitting up to get out a bed you hear a blood curtailing scream come from down stairs followed by cackle so evil that you would know it from anywhere. Jumping up you run down the stairs to a completely different door in a completely different house but the nightmare is all too familiar. Once again you come face to face with that place that is revealed through the door. The place that has fires burn so hot and land filled with waste. Shaking you take a deep breathe to calm yourself before you fly through the door to be engulfed into the place below the Earth’s crust.

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