May 16, 2012
A dream come true is too weak to describe the sensation of riding atop a horse in a never ending field of flowers. With the wind ruffling your hair as you listen to the melodies of the birds and the rhythmical sound of hoof beats. Or galloping across a sea's beach in the midst of dusk. Where you're just a silhouette against the dusty orange horizon. What a pleasure it is to be able to sit atop a horse, a creature that captures beauty like no other and somehow lives its own life, but is so willing to share it with someone it trusts. When you're in a moment that is so wonderful that you forget everything around you, that is the moment we hold onto. And for those of us who haven't experienced that yet, we will keep trying to get to the place where our dreams come true, and the only way to get there is on what dreams are made of. Hope. Hope that someday I will ride my horse in a place I've only dreamt about. A place I am determined to reach.

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