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May 14, 2012
By Nire_Kalen SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Nire_Kalen SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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If the world was as mad as Tim Burton and Doctor Seuss, it would be way more fun.

The town of Ansekir was a mix between high-class, high-quality, exclusively rich and, in all respect, a filthy rundown slum. Nearly half of the town was glistening with black and grey marble building, diamonds lit the pathways and streets showing glistening gold and glass roads. Even plants were Gieur, a rare type of being brought from the demons home. Here they walked, the Demons and occasionally an angel.
The other half was able to barley sustain life. Run down boxes and half build homes of rotting wood, mud, and whatever else could be found, streets overflowing with waste and vile liquids, and the air barley breathable over the smog and toxic gasses released by the demons. Yet in between these to vastly different places was a single meeting pint, where the wealthy rulers and the scum mixed. This place was the Gency, or trade.
Here anything that was able to be traded was. Whether it was land, positions, or protection, you would find it here. Yet the most anticipated trade was the slaves, the humans that were left after the years of battle. Today there would be a special treat for the bidders, because a rare slave was being presented, a woman. Many women were taken as the first slaves, used by the demons for whatever pleasure the saw fit, then eliminated. All girls born must report to the Sabined when the turn 10, so finding a female slave older then that is a rare opportunity.
The woman, or should I say girl, that was waiting to be presented was 14, strong and intelligent, and a trophy to be bragged about for decades according to the Gency owners. So who was the slave to be auctioned off to perhaps her death? The slave to be auctioned was me.
A ringing sound like metal colliding echoes through area, signaling the beginning to the auction. Hordes of demons, both upper and lower classes, assembled ready to buy the available stock. There was a large platform towards the front of the square; on it were the two Gency Traders Rum and T’sui. A simple wave of their hands and the crowd went silent.
Rum comes up to the front of the platform and puts on an enthusiastic charade, “Welcome, all of you here today are in for an amazing sell. A fine group of slaves have been graciously given to us by a sir Zekera, and present to our lovely masses. The bidding for each will be the appropriate staring price of 300 dagne. Are we all set?”
The crowd roars loud and excitedly in response. Smiling T’sui takes his place beside rum and begins to describe the first slave.” Our first slave is a fine workman from outer Heshbalor; He is strong muscled and has amazing endurance, whether working in the hot for cold.” As he continues to speak, the slave is taken up to the platform. His hands are bound in chains, his neck has an electric collar around it, and his feet are attached by chains to his wrist while spikes cut into his ankles.
He is slowly lead to just behind Rum and T’sui by another demon assistant. As T’sui talks still Rum begins to parade the man around the platform, he grabs and shows the man’s arms and other features of interest. He finishes talk, and then rum begins to speak,” Now that we’ve given you a little taste of him, who would like to open the bid?”
Voices begin to be shouted everywhere,” 300!”
“No 400!’
Bidding goes wild, and for the next ten minutes it stays like that. Finally the slave is sold to an older bidder for 1500 dagne, and then carted away with him to his new master’s land. Another slave was presented and the action continued on. Behind the large platform was where we were kept, standing a line guarded my more assistants. All our hands and fee bound together, unable to make a single movement without getting the attention of the assistance, then being punished with a whipping for something like that.
Of course who would care, we arer slaves, and only slaves. That is how its been since the great battles, and all our future seems to behold

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