Camping Trip Gone Wrong

May 14, 2012
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Eva was getting ready for a long camping trip with her mom and dad. Unfortunately her seven year old sister Sadie was coming too, which she wasn’t too happy about. They live in Atlanta, Georgia and they were traveling to Houston, Texas. Eva was super excited because she has never been on a trip this long before. They had just gotten a pretty big RV, so they decided to take it for a long road trip. Eva hadn’t even started packing yet and they were leaving really early in the morning. She wasn’t going to go bed until late because she could sleep in the bed in the RV. Sadie, her sister, kept coming over to her room to see what Eva was packing. Every time Sadie came over in her room Eva yelled, “Get out of my room! You can pack whatever you want to; you do not need my help!” Eva didn’t get to bed until about 12:30am and she had to get up at 6:00am. They had to get up really early because it takes about 12 hours and 48 minutes to get there.

On the way there they had to stop a few times to go to the restroom and when they were about halfway there they stopped at a rest area and Eva knew that there was something wrong. First of all the parents decided to stay in the RV and wait for them. When Eva and Sadie came out of the bathroom they could not find the RV. They walked all around the area and it was nowhere to be found. Sadie got really scared thinking they were going to be stuck there for days. “Everything will be okay, they will come back for us in no time,” whispered Eva. Two and a half hours later, their parents had left. Eva started to worry and so did Sadie. Eva thought she would try to get a hold of them with her cell phone, but she realized she left her cell phone in the RV. Eva and Sadie decided to walk around to find someone and ask for help. They asked some people, but no one wanted to help them because they did not know what they were up to, so, they saw a couple of bikes and they decided to ride down a trail to see where it took them. The trail took them to a little shopping center. Sadie was still carrying her purse and she had money in it so she could buy some souvenirs on the trip. “Where did you get all that money, Sadie?” asked Eva.

“Mom and dad gave me some and I brought the rest, so I could buy souvenirs.” Sadie said. They walked up to a man, and asked if they could use his phone so that they could call their parents, and he let them. They tried to call their parents, but no one answered. They asked a man if he could give them a ride and he did, which they were happy about.

Meanwhile Eva and Sadie’s mom and dad were still on their way to Texas. Their mom took notice that it had been quiet for a very long time, so she walked to the back of the RV and found out that Sadie and Eva were not there. “Where are the girls?” she shouted to her husband. She tried Eva’s cell phone, and quickly realized it was still on the RV.

Meanwhile, Sadie and Eva had been on the road for over an hour with a strange man who agreed to give them a ride. “We need to stop for five minutes quickly so I can get something.” the man said to the girls. It was 30 minutes later when the man came back out and they soon realized that he was walking funny. Whenever he got into the truck he was talking weird and Eva realized that he was drunk. “Thank you for your help, but we would like to get out now if you don’t mind,” Eva said. Soon after they got out of the truck before they went inside they turned around and down the road the man had gotten into an accident. “I am really glad we got out of the truck when we did,” whispered Sadie. “I know,” Eva whispered back. The sisters had no clue what they were going to do now. They had decided to stay the night behind a store and then in the morning they would get up and eat some breakfast. After they had eaten breakfast, they started walking down the road and decided to take a short cut into the woods. “What if there are some big animals in these woods?” Sadie asked. Eva did not really want to go into the woods, but if it was a short cut then they would try. Eva was hoping they would make it through the woods okay. All of sudden they heard a shuffle in the bushes and looked at each other. The sound got louder and louder.

Back in the RV, Eva and Sadie’s parents had pulled off the road and got off at an exit to go to the closest police station. They talked to the police officer for over an hour. “We will do everything that we can to find your girls.” stated the police officer sounding concerned. “Thank you so much, let us know if you hear anything.” the mom cried.

Eva and Sadie were standing perfectly still when they saw something black come out of the bush. They quickly realized that it was a black bear. All of a sudden they heard a gun shot and they looked and saw that the bear had just been shot by someone. They turned around and saw a boy about 19 years old with hunting gear on. “What are two girls like you doing out hear?” laughed the boy. “Hi, I am Eva and this is my little sister Sadie,” Eva said shyly. “We were on a road trip in our RV with our parents when they left us at a rest area.” Sadie said.
“Well, do you two need some help?” asked the boy. “My name is Sean by the way.” Sean said. “Where are you guys headed anyway?” asked Sean.

“We are going to Houston, Texas for a camping trip.” answered Eva. Sean took them to his truck and took them to his parent’s house so they could get some help. When they arrived, Sean’s parents were wondering who the girls were and Sean told his parents Eva and Sadie’s names and told them what had happened. They let them use their phone to try and call their parents. They waited and waited for someone to answer and finally their mom did. She frantically questioned, “Where are you girls and are you safe!”

“Yes mom! We are safe. We are at some boy’s house asking for help,” replied Eva. It turned out that their mom and dad was only an hour and a half away, so they decided to come and get them. Eva and Sadie was relieved that they finally got a hold of their parents. It was about 2 hours later their parents showed up to their house. “Are you girls okay?” cried their parents. “I promise we will never leave without you again,” Eva’s mom cried. They stayed for about 30 minutes and Eva’s mom just kept thanking them for what they did. Eva, Sadie, and their mom and dad started down the road again. They only had around 3-4 hours left to go till they arrived. Eva was really hoping that the rest of the trip will go okay and that nothing else will go wrong. Finally they arrived at the camp site and got all set up. They had been there a day and someone came to see them. “Eva there is someone here to see you,” shouted her mom. Eva stepped out of the RV and saw Sean standing there with his mom and dad. “What are you doing here?” asked Eva.

“I talked my parents into going camping where you guys were,” replied Sean. “I also never got to say goodbye to you either,” Sean said. Eva started to blush and she felt a little embarrassed.

“Someone is turning red,” laughed Sadie.

“Shut up,” shouted Eva. “After what all happened on this camping trip, the end turned out pretty amazing,” Eva told Sean. “The next road trip that I am on I will make sure I am with my parents at all times and they know to wait for me,” Eva said to Sean. “This will be one road trip I will never ever forget,” Eva thought to herself.

They had arrived back home after this crazy journey and everyone was asking what happened. It turned out that Eva decided to write a story about it to share with her classmates. “Whenever I think about it and what all we went through on this trip I am glad my sister Sadie came along after all,” Eva thought to herself.
“This will certify that the above work is completely original,” Emily Cowgill

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