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May 14, 2012
By Dakota Belling BRONZE, Granger, Iowa
Dakota Belling BRONZE, Granger, Iowa
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Here's a good 'what if' for you. I'll try to explain clearly. Don't freak out and you'll be ok. One day in math a kid named Brandon disappeared while giving a presentation. At first everyone thought it was part of it until about five minutes of calling for his name. Then in other classes 1 kid out of an average 20 kids disappeared. When parents heard or found out their kid were gone they met with the other parents who also had their kid missing. They were very mad so the school just gave them some money. The next day at school during a passing time 2 out of the average of 19 now went missing. And again parents were mad but that didn't stop school. The next day people were very worried some didn't want to come to school but they came anyways that day nobody disappeared...until...kids were going home on buses. Which were 4 out of the average of 17 now. Now even more parents were mad it was getting so crazy that the school didn't know if they should still have school, but they continued school. Finally the last day that kids disappeared 3 out of the average of 13 now didn't even come to school. They just disappeared at home. The rest that came to school 8 out of the average of 10 now disappeared. Making that in the course of 4 days 2 out of 20 were left. The teachers had enough now. So kids were sent home early. These kids couldn't get over the fact their friends were gone forever. Here is a conversation of 2 kids a boy and a girl we believe.
Girl says, "Don't you think this is weird Fred?"
"Yeah Bre."
"I miss all my friends I wish they were still here you know."
"Yeah its pretty boring now"
"Well anyways your still here and a few others are still here so not every body is gone."
"Got to go see you."

The End

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