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May 14, 2012
By Anonymous

The Mailbox and the Breeze

She was a young girl who lived with her mom alone in a house on the corner of a isolated street and desired nothing more than to become visibly seen from someone other than just her mom. She was a girl who hides in her room while it rains. She slept. She read. She did anything that didn’t involve social interactmeant. She didn’t like to be alone. Her favorite part of the day was to check the mail.

The young girl got up once the rain stopped and slugged her way out of her room and went to the front porch to experience the only breath of cool air she would be getting the entire day. While walking over to the mailbox she began to painfully think of her past times at home.

“Are you okay?” Karolyn said that moment she saw her at the mailbox. Karolyn who is the neighbor.


“I heard screaming. Last night”

“Yes. That was I.”

“Are you okay”

“Mom was winefull. I just wanted to escape”


“This time in my head. Though she wouldn’t let me. I screamed”

“What do you mean?”

“I am quite and she is complaining that it is humid in the house since the AC is not working and she said she needs cold air and how she wishes to go to the top of the mountain where it is was cold and the air is dry and she is saying this over and over with and I don’t want to hear the complaining over and over again it is like she is drilling it in my head so deep down that I could almost touch the snow with my clammy hands. I began to scream.”

“How are you feeling?”

“The sun shines in my room all the time and I never get to experience the dark. I am a sleep when the dark arrives in my room. Almost too dehydrated by the sun to keep awake.”

She then headed back to the porch where the Breeze hit the most. She stood there like one would stand for limited baseball tickets. She could feel the humidness of the house with the simple touch of the door knob. It was as if she was in the rainforest wet and clammy and humid with rays of sunlight beaming on her. She released her hand. Look at the mailbox. Then dragged herself back inside. Karolyn saw her shadow from the window inside her room. The clouds were beginning to cover the sun with a darker color of gray. It began to rain.

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