What you don't know, can't kill you, unless it's deep down

May 14, 2012
By Blue-eyes-silver-tears SILVER, Kareela, Other
Blue-eyes-silver-tears SILVER, Kareela, Other
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When a chapter in your life ends, it doesnt mean your life is over. It means that its time to move on from thoose past events and look into the future, a.k.a a new chapter

It destroyed her…completely. Her life changed, forever. She even thought about giving up, and taking her own life, but that would mean letting it win. It had been years before she had noticed it, the evil that crawled through her veins, and from that day on, she knew nothing would be the same.

And it wasn’t…It took away her freedom. Her childhood, and that’s something she can never get back. She became an adult by the time she was nine. The things she had seen, should have never have been in a nine year old little girl’s world. It should have been Easter Bunny, and The Tooth Fairy, but instead it was blood transfusions, and chemotherapy.

She watched in terror, as day by day more and more strands of her hair where left on her pillow when she woke the next morning, but she refused to let them shave it off. Not a lot of people know who she really is, because she hides a secrete identity, where she can be someone without the past… Someone without the pain… Someone alive…

I’m the girl that grew up too quickly…The one that saw too much for her own good…And even today, as the cancer still spreads, I know there’s not that much longer for me in this world, but through the years I’ve learnt to live with it. There was always an option to get rid of it, but it required a lot of money, and now that we have exactly that I don’t find a point in making it better, because it’s a part of me, and it’s going with me to the grave…

The author's comments:
I've grown up with cancer,and i decided to express myself this way.

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