Hidden Depths

May 10, 2012
By Gingersnaps BRONZE, Sydney, Other
Gingersnaps BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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Lucian's scars traced back a horrid past, a past of treachery and revenge. They were black and bruised as one of them started trickling blood. He sat down slowly as I noticed his leg move awkwardly as his face scrunched up in pain. I heard the sounds of distant shouts of agony as fear trickled down my cheek. Turning around as I witnessed him patting his tummy which surprisingly was flat. His pale lips touched the golden globe of water as I saw tears spring up into his eyes as he tried to get it down. I was taken back as I saw something in his scars,something evil.Was he tortured for revenge or was it something else?

I walked slowly to the door, my footsteps coming in contact with the pale, blue tiled floor. Trying to find my way through the wide halls as I came across a golden box. It was outlined with sapphire gems with engraved symbols. Was this the cause of him being damaged? Staring at the box, my hands reached out to feel the surface as I touched it, a weird feeling started tingling throughout me. My warm body started to cool down as I saw blurred pictures of gory happenings. Lucian appeared in one of them, torn and saddened, by a mishap of his past. Curious to devour more of this terrible past as I closed their box when a feeling of perplex washed over me. Was their a past of fights between different tribes? Reaching my final destination, I threw myself down onto bed, as my thoughts burdened me when I set off to an unsettled stay at the world of dreams.My thoughts reforming visions of misfortune and torture in my dreams.Thoughts bombarded my brain as my mind was in turmoil.

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