Wedding Day

May 11, 2012
By Bob04 BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
Bob04 BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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The happy event that took place was a wedding. The people are dressed in black suits and skirts, and there are 2 people getting married. The bride was wearing a white dress and she is holding the groom’s hand in a loving manner. The groom is wearing a black suit with a black tie and looks very happy to be almost married to this person. Also the groom is holding the bride’s hand in a loving manner. Then the bride and the groom walk towards the priest, they seem very happy to be in this moment of love. Then the priest said we are gathered here today to wed this couple for love and to be together forever. The priest said to the bride so you take this groom to be your husband in sickness and in health till the day you both die, I do. Then the priest said to the groom, do you take this bride to be your wife in sickness and in health till the day you both die, I do. I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride. While the bride and groom were walking toward the end if the church, they saw a giant steeple on the front of the church. Then there was a big figurine of Jesus on the wall, near the window was paintings from holidays celebrated.
Then there is a guy named Billy Joe who asked someone to marry. And then he saw that there was a wedding cake, but there wasn’t any bride for the other guy. He felt very sad that his bride never showed up. And other people were felling very shocked that the bride never came. Then Billy Joe decided I am getting married. I don’t like being alone in a situation when there is no one there to help me. I learn from a fact that being with someone really makes you feel good inside. And it shows that you want to be together forever with that special person. Later on the groom still felt sad and the other people were watching him reacting to his feelings of no bride.
Meanwhile then the other couple was getting married and Billy Joe was getting so angry that he didn’t have a bride. He would always sit in a corner and he would cry. He is a 5 foot 11 inches tall and has brown hair with cheek bones by his mouth. He also weighs 272 pounds, and has a few bumps on his face. And he has brown eyes that glow in the light.
Another emotion that the groom is going through is feeling angry. The things that he would do are he would throw random things in the church, like a stick and a giant softball. And he began to break chairs in the church while people were talking about the other bride and groom. He tries not to hurt anyone on purpose but his anger gets in the way of wanting to hurt someone. Then he slowly thinks to himself,
” If I were to hurt someone what could happen to me, will I go to jail or will I get arrested and have to go to court. Then he decides I won’t hurt anyone, I will just forget about getting married and just live all alone. Next billy Joe was watching the other couple taking and he was in a different world by not listening what they were talking about. Suddenly the people sitting down were clapping for the bride that was coming down the church aisle. She had a beautiful white dress, with black shoes, and she was carrying flowers in her hand. Then in the close distance, the bride could see the groom sitting in a corner all alone. Then the bride thought in her mind that,
“I really want to marry this guy”. Then the bride in moment’s hesitation taped the groom on the shoulder and said I am here to marry you”. The groom reacted in a way by saying,
“I am so glad you came “, I was worried you didn’t want to come because you don’t want to marry me. The bride, said”,
That’s not true” I do want to marry you because you are the funniest, sweetest, cutest guy who I want to start a family with. The groom felt so excited hearing all the kind things the bride had to say. The groom was in a good moment thinking all of the wonderful things he could be doing with her.
Then the priest at the church was walking out of the door to weed these two wonderful people. Then the priest at the church was telling the bride do you want to marry this man, she said”,
I do. Then when the priest was telling groom, do you wish to marry this beautiful long blond hair bride with the prettiest blue eyes, he said I do. And then when the bride was about to kiss the groom, something very strange was happing to the groom. He collapsed of a fatal heart attack that caused him to die instantly, and feel so fast. The bride reacted by crying so loudly in a voice that the outside of the whole world could hear. Then the others in the church were very shocked to think why would this happen to someone whose dream was to get married and suddenly someone dies of a heart attack. That is a bad ending to a fairy tale happing with two people that knew each other since elementary school wanting to get married. Then the bride was sad because she lost her cute groom because she deeply was in love with the guy.

Sad story
On a fine sunny day in the Smithville apartment complex there lived a mother in a blue house that had a average sized roof, red bricks covering the house and 4 white windows that were wearing out. She was watching her favorite show called qvc because she would always like to shop for clothes and have collections of boxes that she would forget to open. Suddenly the mother would start to smell smoke, she thought it was her turkey breast burning, but it wasn’t. It was the smell of a fire beginning to burn. The mother begins to freak out and started to panic by saying,
“I am scared to die”. So then the mother ran to get something in her burning house, it was her purse, but someone walked in her house. He had a helmet with an extinguisher that squirts out water and was wearing a jacket and big shoes. It was a firefighter telling her to get out of the house right away because you are breathing in the smell of smoke, which is not good for you. Then the mom ran out of the house very fast like a speeding bullet, and was breathing very abnormally. Then a firefighter was coming towards the lady and said,
“Mam I’m afraid that I need to call a ambulance to take you to the hospital. Then the ambulance showed up to pick up the person who needed help because she couldn’t breathe that well. During the ride to the hospital the mother started to get more shortness of breath and needed to be in a hospital room right away. Then the help on the ambulance said”,
We need to drive faster if we want this lady to survive”. Then while they were driving faster out of know where they saw a bad accident occurred on the road. The hospital helpers were talking to each other and were saying
“if we can’t dodge this accident were risking this lady’s poor life”. Then the blue and red car was speeding so fast that the ambulance managed to avoid the oncoming accident. Meanwhile the hospital helpers were two miles from the hospital, and the lady was getting worse she started to throw fits. And toss things that would make the medical machines break so that they wouldn’t work. Then the lady was warned by the helpers saying”,
Young lady you won’t be going to the hospital with how you are acting.

Then when they were at the hospital they took the lady in to be examined, and noticed that the lady was not breathing. The hospital nurse Sarah Frog said
” I’m worried that she won’t be restored to live”. The other nurses in the station walked in to help, and they were wearing a hospital job shirt with pants and black shoes. Todd one of the nurses preformed a CPR on the victim that wasn’t breathing, and pushed hard while breathing in air to her mouth. The CPR almost worked but she died and it was too late. Everybody in the station cried by they couldn’t help her in time and said we should have done a better job by getting to the victim as soon as possible. Then the news just broke and it said,
“Lady dies in hospital from breath inhalations from a house fire. People in the whole entire world were aware of just what happened and said”,
Hospitals need to do a better job in treating people”. Then everyone started to run out of their neighborhoods to hospitals so they could do a protest to allow better care to sick victims.

One day Bob was walking home when he saw Dexter in the neighborhood at 3:00 wearing a red shirt. Then bob tried talking to Dexter and he got real angry to him. Dexter told Bob” I don’t want to be your friend anymore”,
he reacted to what he said by what really. I thought we were good friends and we have been close for a very long time. Then Dexter told Bob I found a better friend then you, one who is more trustworthy, and who is not careless. Bob felt very sad because he liked hanging out with Dexter, all the time. Dexter was hanging out with his friend Christopher, at the mall. Both of them would do things together, like play arcade games in the game room, go to friendly’s and they would text each other on the phone. Bob was feeling sad because he betrayed him for a better person. Bob then was all alone at a store in the mall, shopping for something for his new girlfriend that he wants. While he was shopping he was thinking all the good times he had with Dexter. Like the time when Bob needed help with a problem with his parents, and he would always do fun things with me to cheer me up. But then bob realized I don’t care that he has another friend, I don’t need him to talk to. Then Bob decided to be all alone in a quiet corner, where no one would bother him. Three years later bob saw Dexter with his new friend again and felt the same way by not caring who he is around with. The next day Dexter went to a party at Christopher’s house for his 16th birthday party.
At the party there were people playing games, eating popcorn, hot dogs, and drinking regular coke to keep them full. Then someone arrived at the door and was knocking, the guests from the party said” who are you”, the person said
“I am Bob”. Then someone said”,
“Well I can’t let you come in because I don’t like you anymore. Well bob reacted in a furious way by saying,
“If you don’t let me in I will break this door open and do something to Dexter. Everybody was scared that Bob was going to break the door open and was afraid that he would hurt someone. Then over and over as Bob kept asking to come in to the party, he said.
“This is your last chance to let me in. If not then I will be forced to break open the door and steal everything you have. Suddenly as Bob was charging towards the door, one of the party friends was calling the police, because he was about to hurt someone. 3 minutes later the two cops came and said” young man you are under arrest” Bob said”,
For what” attempting to break into someone’s house and wanting to beat someone up? I’m afraid we will have to take you to juvenile detention center, where you think about what you done. Then bob went into jail at the center and was sent to court for a case hearing. As bob walked in to Judge Trudy’s court room people were booing and throwing things at bob. Judge Trudy, said”
You are allowed to throw as many things as you want”. Then bob reacted by saying,
“Stop throwing things at me or else. Later the judge still didn’t care about people throwing things and said quit complaining bob. Then the judge said”
You are guilty for breaking into someone house and that you are charged with attempted assault and breaking in. there Bob said, “What about giving me a longer court case, “
The judge said, “No because you don’t get a second chance for what you done”.
Bob got very angry with the judge and pulled out a gun and shot the judge, and the police officer. Then Bob ran as fast as he good to escape the running crowd, of angry people with knifes. Bob said you can’t catch me because I can outrun all of you any time of day. Later on in the chase in the far distance you could see 32 police officers waiting to arrest Bob again, and take him back to jail. Both the police officers and the angry people ran as fast they could to catch bob, but he was too fast to be caught. Instead he ran all the way to his home where he went into his brightly colored room to relax. And then he turned on the TV and saw on the news there is a suspect on the loose who killed a police officer and a judge, and ran away from cops. If anyone has seen this dangerous person please call the police. Then phone calls began to occur and 72 police officers came in their police cars, and bob looked out the window and said, “ what is going on why are there cops all on our driveway and around it “. The police said,
” come down here now so we can arrest you”, bob said,
“No I won’t come down here you terrible, disgusting police officers”. They all said,”
Together let’s get this boy and take him to jail. Then they all ran to his door and broke in to surround him. Bob said,” you can’t get me”,
Yes we can and we will. They all saw bob dazed in a moment of when he was thinking about his beautiful girlfriend Sarah frank, he imagined her making dinner and kissing together. Then out of know where the cops were able to get the boy dazed and arrested him so he would go to jail. This time when Bob went to jail he didn’t even get a court case; instead he was sentenced for life in prison.

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