The Adventures of Carl and Carrie

May 11, 2012
By Bob04 BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
Bob04 BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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Part 1
The adventures of a boy and girl:
It was a very sunny day in Tennessee, there were lots of houses with bricks and big roofs, but there was one particular house that stood out. It was on 52nd street and there was a boy, Carl, living with his parents. Both of Carl’s parents were sleeping in their big bed together in the evening. Carl decided to go outside so he could talk to Carrie, his neighbor. Then Carrie, Carl’s neighbor, decided to tell her boyfriend Carl about something very controversial that would change Carl into a different person. As Carl was discussing how his college is going, Carrie conjured up a plan that was very mischievous. Then Carl asked Carrie, “What are you thinking about?”
Carrie said, “I think we should run away from our parents without them knowing.”
“Why should we do that?” Carl said.
Carrie then responded, “They don’t care about me anymore, and they don’t speak to me. Your parents don’t care about you either, trust me Carl.”
Carl nodded in agreement and went inside to gather his belongings. As Carl left inaudibly from his house, his parents noticed a note on the door. As his parents picked up the note, they read what it said.
I am running away from you, Mom and Dad, because you don’t care about me and you don’t help me with anything. I just want to start a new life without anyone telling me what to do. Well anyways, it was nice knowing you good-bye.
His parents reacted by saying, “Well if Carl doesn’t need us anymore, we shouldn’t care what he does anyway.”
A few moments later, as Carl was running away from his parents, he decided to hold Carrie’s hand.
They decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend for now. The two were wearing dirty clothing: jeans with holes in them, shirts that had half of the print missing, and big ugly jackets.
As Carrie and Carl talked, they decided that they would to go to a club so they could spend time together. As they walked in, they noticed all of the people wearing odd clothing such as shirts and pants that were muddy and ripped.
After about an hour, Carrie and Carl were asked to leave the club for an unknown reason. They decided to go somewhere else. Carrie came up with the idea that they should commit an evil crime without their parents knowing. After much thought, both of them decided that the crime should take place in a clothing store.
As they were deciding on which clothing store to go to, Carrie suggested going to a Ross clothing store. They were thinking they could steal as many pairs of shirts and pants as possible. As they attempted to break into the store, they noticed a lot of cop cars around. With the thought of being arrested in the back of their minds, Carl and Carrie proceeded to enter the Ross clothing store. Together, the two shoplifted enough clothes that would clothe ten people.
When they got their share of clothing they wanted, Carl had an idea that they should go to a convention club to hang out with the customers. Before they leave the store, they stole cups, bottles, and broke the glass door. The store had been vandalized to the point that the store manager reached his breaking point and exclaimed, “These rude people won’t get away with this and I plain to catch them!”
As both of them left the scene of the crime they decided to go to a zoo so they could buy rocks to destroy the school walls.
As they both went into the store, the employee said, “How may I help you today?”
Carl replied, “I would like to buy these sets of rocks so I can put them in my collection. Before they left the store, Carl took a look to see what the employee was wearing. The employee wore blue jeans and a blue shirt with a crocodile emblem; he thought it was ugly. Waving the thought aside, he decided go to a school so he could throw rocks at the windows in order to break them. As they arrived at the school, Carl took out his rocks and threw them at the windows; the windows shattered. After vandalizing the school windows, they heard, in the distance, a police siren.
Then Carl explained to Carrie, “If we don’t leave the scene of the crime now, we will be busted for vandalizing the school property!”
As they ran away from the cops, they hid behind a bush. Carrie had another idea, she suggested to Carl they go to a gym to steal all of the equipment so no one would have any to use. As they arrived at the gym, they saw a lot of expensive equipment that they wanted to steal.
Carrie said to Carl, “I think we should steal the treadmill and all of the free weights.”
As they tried to grab the equipment, they heard a voice. As the voice started to get louder, Carl and Carrie became frightened. A man suddenly appeared – he was the school security guard. The security guard saw Carl and Carrie attempting to steal the equipment.
“If I catch you doing this again you will be arrested!” yelled the security guard.
As they both agreed to what the guard said, the guard left to get dinner. After the guard left, Carl and Carrie took the gym equipment to Carrie’s house without getting caught. On the way to Carrie’s house, they started to use the stolen equipment and announced that they were going to destroy the treadmill, as well as the weights. As they attempted to destroy the equipment, they started to hear police cars coming towards Carrie’s driveway.
One of the policeman exclaimed, “Freeze! Stop what you are doing and walk to the sound of my voice!”
Ignoring the policeman, Carl and Carrie decided to walk away. Despite feeling glad about getting away from the policeman, Carl and Carrie were thinking about all of the issues that the two had.
“I think we need help.” Carrie told Carl.

Part 2:
“How are we going to get help?” Carrie asked. Carl shrugged, signifying that he did not have any ideas. “Maybe we could get help from a girl who went to school with us.” Carrie proposed. Carl smiled in approval and continued walking.
As they were walking, they came across a blue Ford Focus in an unknown person’s driveway. They decide to steal the car and proceed to drive to the Dungeon International Airport – their destination was Florida. As they were driving they ran into some scary situations which were pretty close to killing us, and the first one was a deer was crossing the road then it would walk real slow while they were still driving.
Then they both yelled, “Watch out for the deer!” Carl avoided the deer by swerving off of the road into a ditch. After recuperating from the accident, they continued to drive towards Dungeon International Airport.

Part 3:
Carl and Carrie were able to escape that disaster, but they were about to face another disaster three miles away. On the way to the airport, a drunk driver sped past them on a double line road. As the blue van was coming, Carl told Carrie to “Slam on the brakes and drive as far away from the bad driver as you can!”
When they left that disaster, one more happened about a mile away. They turned on the radio and the weatherman reported that there was going to be a category four hurricane with winds up to 150 mph hitting the Eastern shore in a couple of minutes. The weatherman also called for heavy rain, as well as isolated tornados. As the hurricane arrived, they started to hear the wind and see the rain coming down from the sky at a high pace.
Carrie told Carl, “I think we should pull over until the rain stops.” They relaxed in their car while they listened to music on their iPod’s. As they waited and waited, they managed to see a break in the clouds, thinking that it was over, but that was not the case.
When Carl looked in the far distance, he could see a very dark sky and as they turned on the weather station, the meteorologist said, “I’m afraid to break this to you all, but I just got a report that more rain is coming and it could be going on all night.” Carl started to get very angry from hearing that the weather was only going to get worse, as he wanted to go to the airport so he could receive help from a former classmate on his issues.
They decided to wait until the rain stopped to drive to the airport. A few minutes later, they took a nap in the car and were thinking about all the advice their friend would give to them so they could be better people. They woke up the next morning and opened their eyes to see if it was not raining. When Carl put on his glasses he could see in the horizon that there was not a cloud in the sky. He proceeded to turn on the car and begin to drive towards the airport.
Carl exclaimed, “Finally! The rain stopped! We can finally go the airport!” As they continued their drive, Carl spotted planes in the air and were cheerfully yelled, “We made it!”

Part 4:
However, when they get in to the airport a security guard walked up to their and said “what are you doing here without having a ticket to your destination”.
They both told the security guard, “We are here to see our friend to help us be a better person”.
The security guard told them, “Alright you can see your friend so you will get the help that you need.”
As they walked to see their friend she said, “I am Sabrina and I’m here to help you with your issues.”
When they decide to go to her friend’s house she wanted to show them all the things she uses to keep them out of trouble. As they walked in we saw that her room was very big and had all kinds of toys, posters, books and snack machines. Sabrina then told them, “I have one of the perfect toys for you.”
Carrie said, “What is the toy you wanted to show us?”

Sabrina said, “It’s a big bear and if you cuddle with it, it will keep all of the bad thinking away.” Then Carrie and Carl decided to use the bear and all of a sudden they got hooked with it. Then Sabrina told Carl and Carrie, “Do you think this toy will help you stop doing these bad things?”
They both said, “We don’t like it and were going to start a new life without our parents.”
Sabrina then said, “It’s whatever you want to do; I’m just here to give you advice.”
Then Carl and Carrie told Sabrina, “We had enough with your lousy help we can do things without you!”
Sabrina then told them both, “Fine if I care”. The first thing they did together was they created their own club in which no one is allowed to get into trouble, or do anything else bad. Carrie thought what they are doing is the right thing because she believed that they did not need anyone to boss them around. As they started their new club together, the scary feeling was starting to come in Carl’s mind which was he talked in his mind quietly, “I think Carrie is bossing me around and I don’t like it.”
Then Carrie was reading and doing what she wanted to do, but she couldn’t get into any kind of trouble because that would take her out of the club. Carrie said to her, “I don’t care about some dumb club I’ll just do the things I want to do on my own!”
Carrie then left the house without even Carl knowing and she saw a very attractive guy and thought he is the type they could do cool things with.
As she approached the guy she said, “Well hey there, you are so sweet and I want to go to a movie with you.”
The handsome guy said, “I will do anything with you, sweetie.” Carrie reacted to that nice complement by giving her new boyfriend a one minute kiss.
Meanwhile, Carl was searching for his girlfriend while pacing back and worth thinking that she left me in the dust all alone with no one. And then Carl said, “If she doesn’t need me anymore”, I will just do the things I want to do. I don’t care if I get into a lot of trouble. Carl went to his uncle’s house as he arrived he was wearing a blue shirt with grey pants and he had one of the weirdest hats ever.
It was a hat that had tons of colors with faces of people on them, whenever he wore it, he would want to do some real bad things like hurt people’s feelings. Then as Carl approached someone it looked to be a girl with blond hair and she had the prettiest eyes ever.
He said “Do you want to go to the movie theater without having any ticket to go in so we don’t have to pay?
The girl then decided and said, “If we get caught it will be your entire fault for getting us into trouble!”
Carrie was still with her new cute boyfriend they decided to up their relationship one more notch to the point when they’re about to get married. As they were talking one to another Carrie came up with a plan that she would get married without my ex-boyfriend knowing.
As Carl went with his girl in the theater they sat down very quietly and they could hear
“Get out of the way! I can’t see the screen, would you move or will I have to do it for you.” People were saying.
Then Carl said “I’m sorry we will move and not bother you ever again.”
Then the person sitting in the movie theater said “I accept your apology and you may sit down.”
Just as when they were sitting down they heard a voice and was wondering what it was, then as the voice got louder it was actually a security guard asking people if they have their tickets. One by one as the guy was approaching people he saw a guilty bunch of people an as he approached them two he said”
“I don’t remember seeing you paying for tickets.” said the security guard.
Then Carl and the girl said, “We are celebrities.”
The security guard agreed with that and decided to leave them along while they were enjoying the movie. Carl and his girlfriend decided they were going to stop the wedding so Carl can get Carrie back.
Then a few weeks later it was wedding day and everyone was dressed up, but there was one that wasn’t and that was Carl. Everyone started to make faces at Carl and started to boo him as he was walking down the aisle to stop the wedding. As Carl approached Carrie and her future husband they started to have a face to face conservation. It started out as
“What do you want” The boyfriend said.
“Would you get out of here?” Carrie said. Then the future husband of Carrie started to get real angry at Carl and then said “It’s time that you learned a lesson!”
Then Carl was wandering what lesson you are trying to teach me and then her future husband said, “The lesson of getting hit in the face for trying to stop our wedding.” And Carl started to get real scared and decided I he wouldn’t bother her anymore.
The boyfriend said “Thank goodness he will leave us alone”. When the boyfriend wasn’t looking Carl decided to run behind Carrie’s boyfriend and when he was not looking Carl gave him a big punch in the face and as he fell down Carrie began to cry.
“Why would you do this to him in such a mean way”? Carl responded to that by stating “He was the wrong person for you and I want to protect you from bad people”. Carrie agreed on what he said and decided that this guy was not the right person to me. And Carl reacted by “who is your right one, “you”
Carl responded in a good way by approaching Carrie in such a romantic way by handing her the best gift in the world a wedding ring that had 14 carat gold. Then she said “What a beautiful ring!”
Carrie said, “I decided that I want to marry you because there is nobody else better to have then you”. As the wedding began to take place, Carl felt like it was the best thing to ever happen to him. When it was kissing time, Carl grabbed Carrie by the lips for so long that she got really tired. As they were still kissing Carl was enjoying the taste of Carrie’s lipstick because it was a bubble gum flavor. But when they arrived home they saw that Carl’s parents were there watching America’s most wanted show and Carrie’s parents were asking her why they are holding hands.
Carl said, “We are doing this because we decided that we wanted to get married so we can live on our own.” Then the parents of Carl and Carrie did not agree on that and told them,
“Go to your room you’re grounded!” yelled the parents. When they went into her room they decided to do another kissing session in the bed for a few moments. As they were kissing, their parents opened the door and saw what they were doing. They reacted by, “
“What are you doing, you’re not getting married right now, and you are just boyfriend and girlfriend?” said the parents, later Carl decided not to listen to them and went in to the kitchen and threw baseball bat onto his parents causing them to die instantly.
As they fell to the ground, Carl and Carrie said, “Why do you need these parents they’re nothing but trouble!” But then when Carl and Carrie went outside they saw so many cop cars that they couldn’t run away from them. There the cops said”
“Carl, you are under arrest for killing your parents and for using a gun.” said the cops. They put handcuffs on the two victims and said, “You are going to jail for what you did.” Carl looked upset. “You know what you did is very wrong and you are going to be locked up the rest of your life. You are not allowed to have a court case because you don’t deserve to have one.” While Carl and Carrie were in jail, Carl came up with an elaborate plan to escape.
Carl said to Carrie, “We should leave the jail cell and get rid of all of the cops”.
When they tried to escape, a policeman overheard the commotion and said, “What was that, did I hear someone talk?”
As the policeman got closer, Carrie began telling Carl “If I were you, I would turn around because there is a cop behind you.”
The policeman looked at Carl straight in the eye said “It’s time for you to die because you tried escaping the jail.” The policeman pointed the gun at Carl and said “I’m going to put you out of your misery!”
Carl said to the policeman, “There is no way that you are capable of killing me.” Carl began to sneak behind him, as if he were to escape the jail. When the cop was not looking he pulled out his gun in a particular way that no none would do. He slowly reached behind his back pocket and slowly he pulled the gun out, so the policeman wouldn’t know what he is doing. Carl started to fire the gun with his eyes closed. Carl then shot the policeman so he wouldn’t allow him to walk anymore. Carl eventually found his way out of the jail cell, and was thinking there maybe another way to escape without waking up the other cops. As Carl and Carrie were walking out, one of the cops began yelling at them.
The cop yelled, “Get those two people!” Multiple policemen started to run after them. Carl and Carrie started to sweat a lot and began feeling very tired and exhausted.
While running, Carl said to Carrie, “I think that we should go to the guard tower.” When they arrived at the guard tower, they took the police outfits and began to disguise themselves. As they went into a room to change their clothes, Carrie felt uncomfortable with the clothes she was now wearing. Carrie didn’t like that the shirt, pants, and fake mustache made her look like ugly. Carl felt just as uncomfortable in his clothes as Carrie did; he felt upset that his police hat was too small, his pants were too big, and his shirt was filthy. Carl and Carrie then decided it was time to leave the guard tower and head home. Carl and Carrie stole a state trooper’s vehicle and began driving home. On their way home, they were running low on gas and stopped at a gas station. At the gas station, they ran into one of their best friend’s, Jill. As they were talking, Jill noticed their police uniforms, but did not ask why they were wearing them. They finished their short conversation with Jill and pumped their gas into their car. The said their good-byes to Jill and parted ways.
Carl and Carrie began driving, once again, to their homes. Carrie suggested that they eat at a nearby restaurant; Carl agreed. As they approached the next exit, Carrie noticed the car began to stall. Carrie began to hyperventilate.
Carl told Carrie, “Calm down! There is nothing to worry about, honey.” Carl told Carrie to inhale and exhale slowly so her heart rate would go down and be in a state of relaxation. Carl had an idea that could make the car run smoothly. Carrie pulled the car over to the side of the road, Carl said, “Maybe we should put more gas in the car.” Carrie nodded. Carl exited the vehicle, retrieved the spare gallon of gas from the trunk, and began to pour the gas into the car. Carl told Carrie to start the engine and to press on the gas pedal to see if it runs.
Carrie yelled to Carl, “We’re good!” Carl opened the door in the car and went to sit down. They were 2 miles away from the restaurant that they planned to go to. Carrie was feeling ecstatic and wanted to give Carl a kiss while they were driving fast.
Carl told Carrie, “I don’t think that’s a good idea because you could kill us both.” Carrie came to a stop because another problem occurred. The engine began to sputter very loudly. Carl began to think of someone that would help solve the situation: Billy, a mechanic. Carrie thought that was a pretty good idea and dialed Billy’s phone number on her cell phone.
Billy answered the phone and said, “Hi Carrie, what can I do for you?”
Carrie replied, “I need you to help us with the car because the engine stopped working.
Billy said, “I am on my way to help you. I’ll be there in five minutes.” Billy arrived to the car and was working so hard on fixing it. It took Billy four long hours to fix the car; Carl and Carrie thanked Billy and they were back on the road. As they arrived at the wonderful restaurant, both Carl and Carrie made their way to their table. Shortly after, the waitress arrived.
When the waitress came to Carl, she said, “What do you want, sweetheart?”
Carl said, “I would like chicken stripes with fries and a large sprite.”
“Those are very good choices. I enjoy chicken strips too” said the waitress, with a smile on her face. As the waitress approached Carrie she said, “And what would you like?”
“I would like to have some fried chicken and cole slaw, if you wouldn’t mind.” said Carrie.
The waitress nodded and said, “Alright, I will be back in a few minutes.” After waiting for about 15 minutes, the waitress arrived with two hot plates of chicken strips and fried chicken. Carl and Carrie decided to eat very fast because they wanted to get home as quickly as they could. When the bill came to pay for the food, Carl left a generous tip for the waitress because he believed she did a lovely job. Then when they left the restaurant, they went back into their car to drive back home. As they were driving, Carl saw a street sign that said, “Two miles to Ridgewood houses”.
When they arrived to their neighborhood where Carl began to say to Carrie, “Well we had a lovely time together and I think we should go out more often”. When Carl got out of the car, he went to give Carrie a hug and a kiss, and said, “What a lovely girl you are.”
Carrie then said, “You are such a lovely guy to be with.” Carl and Carrie gave each other one last hug before separating and entering each other’s respective homes. Carl’s parents welcomed him back into their home with open arms; they forgave him for his foolish behavior. When Carrie entered her home, her parents were at first hesitant to accept her back into their home, but after a drawn out conversation they accepted her once again. The two continued to be in a romantic relationship and be mischievous together for many years and eventually married.

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