The knight

May 11, 2012
By Maybe1day BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
Maybe1day BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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You’re not someone till somebody loves you and that someone is me, I love you" "Have you ever told someone you love them but it wasn’t quite true? Well sure you have, but you shouldn’t, because it’s a sin to tell a lie.”

The brave knight stood in horror in front of a huge stone castle. Boiling lava swelled from cracks near the dark building making his silver armor glisten like an angel. “This is no time to cower out.” he told himself as a bone chilling, teeth rattling, death filled roar was let lose from the dragon inside the castle. Shhhlliinnkkk. With his sword drawn and raised, the knight bellowed “I’m coming my love!” and burst through the caste’s tall wooden doors.
Inside everything was still. Cob webs and dust filled each nook and cranny, only lit up by slivers of light here and there from the moon. Dry bones and burnt armor were strewn across the floors, rats scurried around a beaten up, old staircase that led to the upstairs rooms; that was where the knight was to venture.
With each step he took in his metal covered boots, the more his stomach started to turn. Besides the creaking of the old castle, the only other sound was the lub-dub, lub-dub of his heart beating faster and faster. Another horrifying cry echoed through the halls but this time it was from a different beast. Even the bravest of knights feared this appalling, dreadful creature, looming around the castle, guarding its prey. No one knew what this monster looked like, no one ever laid eyes on the beast and lived to tell about it, but this knight was courageous and he stepped forward into the unknown, determined to save his lover.
The knight crept through a door that led into a large dark eerie room. Little sat in it, no bones, very few rats, hardly any spider webs. For the first time since embarking on the journey, the knight almost felt safe.
But his adrenalin was quickly spiked again.
There in the far dark corner sat two sickly yellow eyes that could bore a hole through a sole. The eyes glared at the knight, his shaking hands clenching tightly around his sword. “Show yourself, you foul beast!”
The monster let out a loud cackle as it slowly stepped out of the shadows. The knight cringed in disgust as it revealed its horrid face. It was just as the knight had pictured the creature: a tall long legged, thin women in a ripped up, bloody, pink dress. Her smile revealed sharp crooked teeth, lipstick and eyeliner smeared across her face. A broken tiara lay in a tangled mess of blond hair. “They call me princess Bebell.” the wicked lady snarled.
“Prepare to die you foul beast!” the knight bellowed back and charged at the monster.
The fight lasted thirty-eight brutal minutes, with harsh yelps and screams, swords and sharp fingernails swinging wildly, words were said and threats were made till blood was drawn and Princess Bebell lay motionless on the floor.
With proud satisfaction, the knight cleaned off his sword and made his way to the highest room in the tallest tower. The knight’s legs burned but his maidens cries for help kept him going.

The room was in sight, three more steps. Three, two, one and the knight came crashing through the door. “I am here to save you my beautiful dragon!”
Sitting up against the wall in the dimly lit room was a beautiful, twelve foot tall dragon. Her perfectly manicured claws were bound together and tied to the wall. Her sleek gorgeous body with sparkling crimson scales complimented her breathtaking green eyes. A dazzling smile fell onto her face as the knight untied the dragon.
The two of them took hands as the knight revealed his handsome, perfect, button nosed face. He smiled softly, whispered “I love you” and bent in for their first kiss.
The lovely dragon followed his every move but just before their lips met, she jerked her jaw open wide, stood up tall, and ate him with one bite.
The dragon leaned back dabbing her mouth with a napkin, a sly grin across her face.
“MMMMMM” she belched happily, “I loved you too.”

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