Spread your arms to look like wings and maybe then you'll fly.

May 10, 2012
By broguen SILVER, Brookline, Massachusetts
broguen SILVER, Brookline, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
The stars in order twinkle in the skies,
And fall in silence, and in silence rise.

- William Broome

One of the things we all debate within ourselves is the matter over who we are compared to who we aspire to or ought to be. Every moment of every instant in our lives, we are inspired— be it positively or negatively. Like pebbles in an avalanche, we stumblr our way through life. With each bump and scratch, our paths are changed; some drastically and others not so much, but once we reach our respective bottoms, we realise how much we’ve changed and the extent to which we’ve learned to find our path. But we are only human, we are not made of rock. In our time, we love, laugh, hope, dream— and aspire to be. Like birds we flee and fly as freely as we can. Though here, we too get swept off course, we listen to heart, body, and mind to pursue our dreams. So with stability and flight, we lead our lives. Like stone we are dependant on persistance and strength. Like birds, we develop an understanding for freedom and explain that to our heart and body, and allow our mind to distinguish between the two. With what we find in life, we make up our minds on what we hope and dream to be in life and even beyond, throw them up and let them race with the winds, then take off after them with our wings.

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